My Proudest Day of My Life

Topics: Feeling, Orientation week, The Stage Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The Proudest Day of My Life
The grey schooldays what I once hated most, are finally over. Do you remember the tons of homework, different and challenging assignment, hard exams? So those are the past now. It was a beautiful summer day, the big day, the day of my graduation. An important event, that many of my friends and I prayed for that we will do well after our examination without worries. The feeling was so special that no words could describe it. But despite of this I really would like to share with you my special day! The loud applause from the students rocked the hall when the school syndicate entered. Everyone was so excited about it. The music was uplifting as the symbols of the school then our teachers and the dean had reached their seats. We rose and sang the National Hymn. After the hymn, the dean opened the graduation ceremonially with his speech. Then some of our teachers and some pupils said "thank you" and "good bye" to each other. Although the first speech was quite dry, the others were very interesting. After the speeches students from each class lined up in the auditorium. Many of us waited eagerly for our turn to go the main stage to receive our diplomas from the dean. We were more than two hundred but I was waiting patiently. Of course I was very excited. Soon after that, it was my turn. How can I describe that feeling you have been waiting for so long? As I heard my name, I stood up, walked to the stage and the dean handed my diploma after shaking each other's hands. A second later I heard the applause and the unforgettable moment of feeling proud, that yes, I did it! It was an amazing feeling to stay there in front of everyone, especially in front of your family, your loved ones and see the joy in their eyes. In that seconds and on the way back to my seat I recalled a lot of memories from the last five years. All the positive and negative aspects of being a student came to my mind like the hard exams or the fun time with...
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