The Event in One of the Most Important Days in Life

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Timothy Hammond
Matt Morris
English 111-55
[ 26 January 2012 ]
A Day to Remember
I was restless the night before and filled with anticipation. The months of planning and preparation for one of the most important days of my life, had finally arrived. The day was humid and hot. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the grass was green. I could feel a light breeze. It was perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Mandalay Banquet Center. I was anxious and nervous hoping the day would be everything we pictured it to be. Before breakfast, I quickly said a prayer asking for strength and courage. The morning passed and I had to get prepared for the big day.

I was wearing a white suit, with a pastel pink shirt; it was the same color as my dress shoes. My cuff links said, “I do.” The groomsmen were dressed for their part, wearing black tuxedos with gold vests, and gold Windsor knotted ties. My fiancés father was also wearing a black tuxedo, only his vest and tie was pastel pink. The ring boys’ attire imitated mine. Every man in the bridal party had a pink rose boutonniere pinned to their coats.

There was a cocktail lounge, where the groomsmen, the bride’s father, and I greeted the guest with welcoming arms as they arrived. This gave me a great opportunity to introduce people and meet family of my fiancés that I did not know. The servers began to bring beverages and decorated trays with crackers, meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits for everyone’s enjoyment. It was all delicious and refreshing. I thought of my bride to be, who was in the bridal suite with the bridesmaids getting ready for our event. The thought of Tabitha gave me butterflies. I poured a glass of Champaign to take some of the nervousness away. A short time later Carmen, the wedding coordinator came to me and said, “It’s time.” She began to direct the guest outside to the lawn where the ceremony would take place.

There were rows of white seats on each side of the aisle, where the...
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