First Day of School

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Memories of a Lifetime
Everyone has good or unpleasant encounters. During anyone’s life there are encounters that have positively or negatively marked the heart. These encounters have helped some people move forward or backward. I had a special encounter that helped me thought my life as a student to always carry on. That particular encounter that I had was the first day of kindergarten. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of attending school. Although the first day of school was daunting, it brings wonderful memories to me. On that first day of school, I woke up very early in the morning with so much anticipation. I slowly sat on my bed fully awake and wondering what the day ahead was going to be like. I rushed to the bathroom to quickly take a shower. After taking a shower, my mom pulled my long brown hair into a nice tight ponytail. After I finally finished my early morning preparation to school, my mother tossed my lunch box and water in my backpack. As my mom drove her car to school, she spoke encouraging words to me. As soon as we arrived at school, my hands felt clammy. My mind raced so much that I could not think about anything else but how school would be like. I slowly walked toward the two massive school doors squeezing my mother's hand. My body screamed inside as I entered the school premises with my mother and older brother. My mind raved with many thoughts as of how I was going to make friends, or if the teacher was going to be mean and cruel. I lacked confidence of how I was going to do on that day. After a long search to find my classroom, my mother handed me over to the teacher. The teacher that received me was a tall blonde haired lady. She introduced herself and said her name was Mrs. Katherine. She really knew how to help us be comfortable and feel at home. When I sat in my assigned chair, I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded with so many children of different races and nationalities. The only people who...
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