Study Od Recruitment and Selection Process

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 32 (5612 words) Published: August 19, 2010
Executive Summary

TITLE: “Study of recruitment and selection procedure”

Duration: 2 months.

Company: Young & Grow.

This is a project about the study of recruitment procedure and selection procedure carried out at young & grow group of companies and to learn about the different processes used for recruitment.

OBJECTIVE: The main objective was to study the recruitment procedure and know the various sources of recruitment used. The objective was also to study the selection process and to learn the selection methods adopted.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The research design was descriptive in nature. The data was gathered through personal interview and observation method.


✓ At Young & Grow they don't have a clearly stated Recruitment policy.

✓ The need for the human resources is forecasted quarterly at Young & Grow.

✓ The demand for human resources is forecasted through Managerial Judgment.

✓ The length of the Recruitment procedure is average.

✓ The Internal sources of Recruitment are preferred at Young & Grow.

✓ From the external sources of Recruitment the mostly preferred sources as per order of commonly used are as follows:-

• Advertisements.

• Professional associations.

• Job portals.

✓ While selecting a candidate the qualities required are as per the following sequence:-

1. Qualification. 2. Experience. 3. Personality.

The employees and other managers rate the HR practices as Good.


✓ There should be a clearly stated Recruitment & Selection policy.

✓ Selection tests should be conducted for selection of candidates for higher posts.

✓ Company should frequently conduct meetings with the placement consultants, which will help both placement consultant and the company to understand each other better.

✓ An application blank should be given to candidate to fill in before the interview so that the company would have a record of the candidate with his details for future reference also.

✓ Time management is very essential and should not be ignored at any level in the process.

✓ Competency based approach to selection.

✓ There should be measurement of efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment and selection.


In the age of globalization, an organization can raise physical resources (property, asset and financial resources) but the growth, development and performance of an organization is mainly the hard work of its employees i.e. the human capital. Organizations must therefore focus on their employees to produce, to expand, and to meet the challenges of the global economy. An employee is now a key asset, who can play a crucial role in the growth and development of the organization. Hence the recruitment procedure adopted should be a competitive one which will help to hire the right kind of candidates, which in turn would help for smooth and effective functioning of the organisation.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Recruitment


Recruitment is a very important process of Human Resource Management. It is a very important tool that is used by many businesses or corporations. Recruitment is a form of business competition. This tool helps organizations get closer to achieving their overall corporation goal. This is why recruitment demands serious attention from upper management because it is said that any business strategy will falter without the talent to execute that tie of business. Recruitment has certain amount of steps or processes as mentioned in our text books. Recruitment is followed by a series of steps. For example, the initial screening, selection, orientation, placement, and performance management. All of these steps are somewhat dependent on the labor markets in which certain organizations exist in. Recruitment consists of a two-way process in which organizations seek prospective employees and vice-versa....
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