Recruitment and Selection Process

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Recruitment and Selection Process Paper
Charles McIntyre
August 16,2014
Marco Faggione

The Recruitment and Selection Process of the SWAT Team

The purpose of this paper is to help you to understand the recruitment and selection process of the SWAT Team in which Special weapons and tactics ( SWAT) teams are comprised of volunteers from within the police force who have advanced rescue, firearms, and medical response skills. This paper will also, include the salary of the SWAT team as well as the requirements and training. If you are interested in becoming a SWAT team member, you must meet experience requirements and undergo specialized training.

Training Requirements
To become a SWAT team member, you must be a police officer and possess full knowledge of police policies and procedures. You must also be in excellent physical shape and demonstrate advanced firearms proficiency. SWAT teams generally respond to high risk situations and members may work in a specialized position such as sniper, crisis negotiator, grenadier, or tactical emergency medical responder.

The first step to becoming a SWAT team member is to join the police force and complete police academy training. Training usually lasts between 12-14 weeks. You can expect to complete courses in state and federal law, local ordinances, civil rights, accident investigation, traffic control, firearms, emergency response, self-defense, and patrol.

Additional Experience
Police departments typically require you to serve on the police force for one to three years before applying to the SWAT team. During this period, you can prepare for meeting the minimum SWAT application standards by sharpening your shooting abilities, studying tactical operations, and increasing your physical fitness.

Team Application
After you apply to the SWAT team, you'll undergo several tests during the selection process. You must pass a rigorous physical fitness test and psychological evaluation,...

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