Officer Recruitment and Selection

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Officer Recruitment and Selection

Officer Recruitment and Selection Assignment
In this essay were going to talk about the police officer recruitment and selection process. We’re also going to discuss elements associated with the police recruitment and selection process at the agency. The next topic we’re going to discuss is the major components of the training process and the career development programs for officers who work at the agency.
The first topic were going to discuss is elements associated with the police recruitment and selection process at the agency. I’m going to describe the steps for becoming a LAPD officer. The first step is to complete the preliminary background application and the job preview questionnaire. According to the LAPD website all applicants must complete the online, interactive Preliminary Background Application and Job Preview Questionnaire prior to taking the written test. The Online PBA will identify issues that you should resolve before beginning the selection process and will tell you if you have a realistic chance of success in the background investigation portion of the selection process. The online JPQ includes questions designed to help you better understand the nature of police officer work. After that when you’re done print your results and bring them to a testing facility. The next step is the Personal Qualifications Essay. The Personal Qualifications Essay consists of essays questions related to judgment and decision making and behavioral flexibility. Your written communication skills will also be evaluated.
The next step is the Background Investigation and Polygraph Examination. The background investigation begins with completion of a Personal History Form in which requires compilation of extensive biographical information, completion of additional questionnaires, fingerprinting, and an interview with a background investigator. The investigation will also include checks of employment, police, financial,

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