Police Interview

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Police Officer Interview

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This paper will compare and contrast the thoughts of two police officers from different police departments. In fact one officer has been actively working in the state of Nevada while the second has been inactive for several years now. Both officers are male, one African-American and the other Caucasian. Both officers feel very strongly about the importance of police work and were not very shy at giving their opinions. The interviews were not conducted in person but each officer was sent a number of questions via e-mail and asked to answer them to the best of their knowledge and return their answers via e-mail no later than Saturday, November 22, 2008. The questions and answers are as follows.

As stated earlier both officers are male. Chief Chris Perry of the Nevada Highway patrol began his career in law enforcement in 1982 as a Trooper in Las Vegas. Chief Perry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Las Vegas and extensive law enforcement training certification; including Northwestern University, US Department of Justice, Defensive Tactics Institute and Advanced Nevada POST certificates. Chief Perry reclined to give his exact age for this interview but did say that he is very seasoned and age has nothing to do with how efficiently he does his job. Chief Perry knew at an early age that he wanted to work in law enforcement. He was influenced by his father and grandfather before him. Chief Perry states that he was very impressed and proud of the work that the police before him did and knew that he too wanted to have that same feeling and wanted his family to be just as proud of him as he was of his father. When asked if he found what he expected he responded by saying “undoubtedly, I always wanted to give back to the community and what better way to do that than to serve and protect my community in law enforcement.” Officer Perry has moved up the ranks over the years and strongly believes in the mission and vision of the department to provide safety and security to the educated public by offering proficient motoring law enforcement. He believes that treating every person with the same amount of respect and kindness is of utmost importance and will continue to work on building a better and stronger department. Al Crawford is African-American. He was not shy about giving his age and boasted about being 42 years of age. Like Chief Perry Mr. Crawford also as a bachelor Degree that he earned from Attending California State University Los Angeles. He states that all his other experience comes from being in the Marines. Mr. Crawford is no longer working for law enforcement but when he was active he was employed with the Los Angeles Police Department. Mr. Crawford states that when he left the Los Angeles Police Department he was a Detective. Mr. Crawford states that he decided to join the Los Angeles Police Department after leaving the United Marine Corps. Mr. Crawford states that he felt being a police officer was the next best thing to the Marines and his skills and experience gained from being a United States Marine was perfect for law enforcement. He states, “ Sorry, I don’t have one of those stories about how my dad or Uncle influenced me because my family is so dysfunctional that I really did not have a real male role model.” Mr. Crawford also admitted that he felt his street creditability made him perfect for the job as well. Mr. Crawford also states that he also wanted to join the force because he wanted to prove that Black men were capable of doing more than drug dealing or beating their spouses. He believes that people can come back from any mistakes they may have made as a youth and do something more positive and productive with their lives and that is just what he did. Both Chief Perry and Ex-Detective Crawford believe that the worst part of being a police officer had to deal with all the negative...
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