Critical Issues in Policing

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Critical Issues in Policing

Critical Issues in Policing

Brian Riley


May 31, 2012
Bobby Sheppard

Police Agencies in modern society are a part of the American fabric to serve and protect the American public. The United States currently have more than 15,000 police agencies, (Walker & Katz, 2011). Police Departments across the United States face similar critical issues policing. All police officers face dangers in the job of policing the dangers can emanate from internal and external origins. Police officers have continued to evolve to serve communities by finding better less than lethal alternatives to weapons used. In addition, police departments have continued to keep up with modern technology to assist them with information storage and acquisition while in the field. Department of Homeland Security was also developed to assist Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies with information sharing to prevent linkage blindness which was prevalent before the 9/11 attacks on the United States. There has been a major push in several areas of policing to make policing more efficient with regards to information access and safer for the officers, suspects, and communities. Dangers of policing

Police officers place themselves in danger every day. Danger is an inherent condition and circumstance of the job of serving and protecting the public. Police officers are injured and some have been killed in the line of duty enforcing the law and defending the justice system. The job of a police officer is to protect the life and safety of others, which means placing themselves at risk while performing their duties. Police training can lead to success of police officer preventing or limiting dangerous situations by anticipating and de-escalating the situations before they become elevated. There are additional dangers such as effects of stress. According to Grant & Terry, stress has been linked to poor...

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