Recruitment and Selection Process

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Recruitment and Selection Process

We are dedicating our work to our parents and respected teacher Mam Sofia Waleed, who have played a vital role in our studies and have guided us at every step with their precious ideas. No doubtthis dedication is insufficient and we can never repay for the role which they have played in our studies but we are sure that their work will prove itself an asset in our life

I am very thankful to Mam Sofia which gave us valuable information. We pay gratitude Mam SofiaWaleed giving valuable guideline.We are also very thankful to all the participants who helped us a lot by giving up to date information.We are very proud of our teacher Mam Sofia Waleed whose help and instructions enable us to bind papers into project manner. We are very thankful to her.

“The most beautiful things we can experience are the mysterious .It is source of all true art andscience”(Albert Einstein, 1930)This thesis is based on the topic which is assigned to us by our respected teacher Miss Sofia Waleed,the topic which I took for it:

Recruitment and Selection Process

In the thesis, I have covered all the topics related to Recruitment and Selection Process. Abstract
Impact of Recruitment Sources, Interview, Recruiter on Recruitment and SelectionProcess ByKhalid Azeem
The study examines the relationship between the dependent variable which is “Recruitment andSelection Process” and independent variables which are “Recruitment Sources”, “Interview” and“Recruiter” by analyzing the data. The study examines hypothesis that are used to explain the impactof Recruitment Sources, Interview and Recruiter on Recruitment and Selection Process Regressionhas prove the relationship between the these variables. For this study hundred samples has been used for the confirmation of results. I have use questionnaire for the data collection. I have uselongitudinal research design.

IntroductionMulti-level Staffing: Linking Individual Staffing to Organizational Effectiveness: The reviews of recruitment and selection practices both identified a need for research showing business unit value/organizational impact. This is interesting given the most basic staffingassumption, one described in nearly every textbook written on the subject, is that recruiting andhiring better employees contributes to organizational effectiveness. If it does not, then why invest instaffing? However, there is actually little direct, empirical evidence testing this assumption (e.g.,Ployhart, 2004; Saks, 2005; Taylor & Collins, 2000). Utility analysis may be helpful to estimatethese effects, but they are only estimates that are limited to monetary outcomes and are frequentlydiscounted by managers (Schneider, Smith, & Sipe, 2000). Practitioners and HR managers oftenhave to go well beyond validity (and even utility/monetary estimates) to make a case that staffingadds strategic value to the firm.Likewise, from a theoretical perspective, it is discouraging there is not more direct, empiricalevidence linking individual differences to organizational effectiveness. There is considerable staffingresearch at the micro (individual) level and some staffing research at the macro (organizational)level, but each discipline rarely considers processes, constructs, and influences outside its respectivelevel. That is, micro- and macro-level research are both pri- marily single-level disciplines becausetheir independent and dependent variables are contained within the same level of analysis (Ployhart,2004). Micro (individual)-level research examines how individual differences (knowledge, skills,abilities, and other characteristics; KSAOs) contribute to individual performance but assumes (or only estimates how) individual differences contribute to organizational value. Micro research isusually conducted from the perspective of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology. Macro(organizational or business unit)-level research...
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