Staffing Policies

Topics: Employment agency, Employment, Temporary work Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 26, 2002

In order to maintain a competitive edge and consistently reduce staffing issues, many companies have turned to alternative methods of staffing. As companies continue to ‘change with the times', so do their staffing needs. Therefore, the traditional hiring of a full time employee is not the only option. Companies have turned to more effective ways of getting the job done. They are using outside sources to recruit employees. United Healthcares hiring practices will be utilized in this report to identify the ways in which a company fills its open positions. First there is the process of finding external candidates for a position. The company uses a variety of sources to recruit these candidates: ·Newspaper advertisements

·Employment Agencies
·Search firms
·Staffing agencies
·Employee referrals
·America's Job Bank
On occasion Untied may have the need for a contracted or temporary employee. It is important that It is understood that, " contract services personnel, independent contractors, or vendors, are employees of companies under contract to United Health Group, not employees of United Health Group. The needs of the business may require that we use contract services personnel for either a short-term or on an on-going basis to provide various services or highly specialized skills." In order to locate available candidates United Healthcare utilizes a source named Chimes. "Chimes is a web-enabled vendor management program that makes the ordering of temporary agency workers a one-stop shop for all of United Health Group's business segments. Chimes services include: ·Contractor procurement

·On-line reporting
·Invoicing consolidation
·Electronic timesheets and expenses
·Program measurements and reports
Other ways in which United Health staffs are more the traditional form of college recruiting and employee referrals. These old fashioned ways of hiring are effective and...
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