Staffing Strategy for a New Plant
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Should the plant manager come from inside the current managerial ranks or be sought from the outside?
With HCE’s current situation, including the riskiness of the venture, initially planned low margins, and high start-up costs, it would practical to get the plant the manager from inside the current managerial ranks. It will lessen the risk because they will get a person who already is inside the organization and knows the goals of the organization. It is the human resource’s responsibility to get people with the least risk and fits the organization. Also, getting it from the outside will be hard due to the unattractiveness of the position in terms of pay level, which is at the low end of the market, and limited benefits. Good pay level and great benefits are what people look for in a job, especially in a managerial position, which will decrease the chances of HCE for attracting applicants for the position.

Should staffing be based on just the person/job match or also the person/organization match?
Yes. The duty of the human resources management department is to aid the execution of the firm’s strategic goals in finding employees who fit well with the exact requirements of the job offered. It is really important for the organization and the job applicant to be sure that the right job goes to the right person, offering the job to the wrong person may cause bad consequences for both the employees and the company. The applicant should understand their job requirements so that they can decide if they could do it well and they need to be informed in what type of organization they may join and if it will suit them.

Would it make sense to staff the plant initially with a flexible workforce by using temporary employees and then shift over to a core workforce if it looks like the plant will be successful?
As a strategy, the plant will hire both flexible and core employees. The flexible workforce will be assigned to jobs that they are

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