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Functional Roles of Human Resource Department

Functional Roles of Human Resource Department
One of the most important roles of the human resource department of any company is that of recruiting and ascertaining of quality staff and worker. In the health care environment it is even more valuable to have a quality human resource department familiar with the nuances of the different types and classification of the individual job description within the health care industry to find the appropriate and qualified staff.
An example of this may perhaps be the challenge of hiring and retaining qualified registered nurses for specialty areas in a hospital. Due to the nursing shortage quality staff is scant and cared should be taken to evaluate each applicant appropriately to assure qualification for the position. Not every nurse position is created equal and a surgical nurse trained and certified may not be the best fit for a position in the spinal cord rehabilitation center. According to the article by Siddiqui & Kleiner, it cannot be assumed that skilled employees will be easily available in the labor market when services are started or expanded, hence, adequate time for recruitment and training must be allowed (1998).
Another important role and aspect of human resources is the ability to retain personnel and support the individual divisions or departments of the company with the necessary education, human resource compliance and administrative support related to labor laws and regulations. This in some instances also includes the department of risk management. Working in the health care industry for almost 20 years, I have experienced large corporate human resources with sub division and sections within the human resource department and small company human resources department that encompassed multiple small divisions in itself.
Based on the reading given for this assignment it is also obvious other roles the human resource department is involved in

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