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Topics: Corporation, Multinational corporation, Human resources Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Discuss the impact of HR on organizational effectiveness (if possible, include examples from where your work.)

The human resources department of an organization if very important to the effectiveness of the organization due to the fact that it is the "core" of the organization.  It helps a company operate smoothly and effectively by providing assistance, assurance, and confidence.  The human resources department at my work not only keeps track of our payroll, time clock, etc.  They also keep up to date with the laws and regulations of the company and legal aspects of things. 

How do the HR policies for an MNC(multinational corporation) differ from those of a company operating exclusively in one country. Give examples. A multinational corporation (MNC) is a firm that is based in one country and produces goods or provides services in one or more foreign countries. HR policies for a MNC differ from those of a company operating in just one country for numerous reasons. The MNC must take into account language, culture, ethics, gestures, laws, regulations, customs, economy, and politics of not just the home country but the host country as well. For example, Coke sells their product all over the world.  They must change their marketing to accommodate the Chinese.  The language must be changed, and even the recipe must be altered.  The HR policies must follow the different rules, regulations, and cultures of the different countries they are doing business in. 

Question 1:  Discuss the impact of HR on organizational effectiveness (if possible, include examples from where you work).  HR has is very important effect on an organization’s effectiveness.  An employee’s culture, if it is passionate and intelligent, can improve a company’s success because it gives the highest quality of ideas to help the company.  HR’s main focus is to use individuals to achieve organizational objectives.  Effective HR requires great management and all managers get things done through...
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