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Chapter 1
1: Explain how action-oriented HRM departments differ from people-oriented HRM departments. Action-oriented: Effective HRM focuses on action rather than on record keeping, written procedure, or rules. Certainly, HRM uses rules, record, and polices, but it stresses action. HRM emphasizes the solution of employment problems to help achieve organizational objectives and facilitate employees’ development and satisfaction. People-oriented: wherever possible, HRM treats each employee as an individual and offers services and programs to meet the individual’s needs. McDonald’s, the fast-food chain, has gone so far as to give an executive the title vice president of individuality.

2. Many organizations have had a difficult time adopting a strategic perspective toward HRM. Why? The HRM function today is concerned with much more than simple filing, house-keeping, and record keeping. When JHEM strategies are integrated within the organization, HRM plays a major role in clarifying the firm’s human resource problems and develops solution to them. It is oriented toward action, the individual, worldwide interdependence, and the future. The strategic and competitive advantage importance of HRM to the survival of man organization will became clearer as we move into the book.

3. Identify five HRM criteria or components that can be used to measure organizational effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Grievance rate is an example. Organization effectiveness or ineffectiveness is described in this book in terms of such criteria and components are performance, legal compliance, employee satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, training effectiveness and return on investment.

4. Identify five contributions that HRM makes to organizational effectiveness. Helping the organization reach its goals is an example. Employing the skills and abilities of the workforce efficiently. Providing the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees. Communicating HRM polices to all employees. Helping to maintain ethical policies and socially responsible behavior. Managing change to the mutual advantage of individuals, groups, the enterprise, and the public.

5. Name three benefits that companies attribute to telecommuting.

New trends and changes have occurred in telecommuting, outsourcing HRM practices, family medical leave, child care, spouse-relocation assistance, pay for skills, benefit cost-sharing, union-management negotiations,testing,and many other HRM areas of interest. Nearly all of these trends and changes can be traced to the emergence of new lifestyles and an aging population.

6. Human Resource Management (HRM) consists of numerous activities. Name at least five of them.

Equal employment opportunity compliance.
Job analysis.
Human resource planning.
Labor relations.
Safety, health, and wellness.

7. Name two factors that contributed to the development of personnel departments.

Operating managers are involved in HRM activities because they are responsible for effective utilization of all the resources at their disposal. The human resource is a very special kind of resource. If it is improperly managed, effectiveness declines more quickly than with other resource. And in all but the most capital-intensive organization, the investment in people have more effect on organizational effectiveness than resources such as money, materials, and equipment.

8. What is the primary reason that operating managers, such as supervisors, department heads, and vice presidents, are involved in HRM activities?

Because they are responsible for effective utilization of all the resources at their disposal.

9. When is the conflict between HR employees and operating managers most pressing?

When there must be joint decisions on such issues as discipline, physical working conditions, termination, transfer, promotion, and employment planning.

Chapter 2
1:Identify five HRM...
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