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Week 4 Assignment: Learning Experience Plan (LEP) 2
Sherry C. Washington
Walden University
Nurs 6220-1- Human Resources Management
Dr. Tayray Jasmine

February 3, 2013

Learning Experience Site: Northside Hospital
Position Accompanied: HR Recruitment and Retention Officer
Date of Visit & Hours of Visit: January 13, 2012


Today, healthcare organizations are paying much attention to recruiting and retention of the right employee. There is fairly substantial evidence to support the position that nurse turnover is costly, with prices ranging from $22,000 to $64,000 (U.S.) per nurse (Jones & Gates, 2007). Healthcare providers also correlate retention to a better employer image and patient and staff satisfaction (Flynn, Mathis, Jackson, & Langan, 2007). Healthcare consumers have access to an array of healthcare information that can range from information about disease, drug information, but more importantly hospital comparison data. This data compares quality metrics outcomes of healthcare organizations and is publicly reported. This allows healthcare consumers the ability to make a choice when it comes seeing treatment for their healthcare needs. This knowledge empowers the consumer and places greater demands on health care providers, but especially nurses who have the most patient contact. The purpose of this document is to share with the reader some of the insights gained from my learning experience from spending time with the Human Resource Recruitment and Retention Officer.
Description of Roles and Function
The role of the HR Recruitment and Retention Officer (RRO) is a highly visible position that includes interaction with leadership and employees and collaboration with the VP of HR to develop and implement creative retention strategies and recruiting solutions. The Recruitment and Retention Officer must be customer oriented, motivated, and responsive. Provide guidance and timely

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