Hrm Roles

Topics: Employment, Occupational safety and health, Human resources Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: January 28, 2013
HRM Roles
HCS 341
January 14, 2013

When you are talking about the Human resources Department at any work place then you are dealing with a major part of the company. The human resource department deals with a lot like staffing, employee development, compensation, and governance. Anyone who works in the human resource department has a lot to deal with, especially if they are a manager. When it comes to staffing then the Human resource department is responsible for many things. For example a few of those things include hiring, promoting, and firing. When the human resources department gets ready to hire someone that has potential for the job then there are multiple things they have to do. They first have to receive an application from the person that is interested and look it over. They will also have to call the potential employee in for an interview and ask a series of questions. If they are pleased with what they hear they will continue on to the next step which would be a back ground check. While doing a background check they will also perform a drug screening, some places will actually do the drug screening first. Employee development is another thing that is important when it comes to the human resources job. They are responsible for promotions, training and helping all willing employees move up in the company. However, if you want to get higher in a work place then you have to work for it. If the human resource department sees that you are trying they may request you to the manager that you are under. Some things they may look at is attendance, time spent on the work you are doing and the satisfaction of it afterwards. They are responsible for setting the employees up for all the meetings and training they need to attend. If an employee shows they are interested in moving up and puts effort into it then they can go far in the company. When it comes time for a raise or a one-time bonus then human resource is who take care of that...
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