Topics: Physician, Human resource management, General practitioner Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Case 1 –Case of the Reluctant Associate
1. What are the main concerns in the case?
Persuading Dr. Simon to join the practice
Gaining Dr. Simon’s trust

2. Which organizational theories of management describe the behaviors of Dr. Simon’s first practice experience? The second? Provide a rational for your response. a. Human Resources
b. Leadership
Dr. Simon’s first practice shows an autocratic style of management of close oversight, distrust and solo decision making. 3. Is succession planning important for medical practices? Give examples of what techniques are available to recruit new physicians. Succession planning is important for the continuation of a medical practice, it is essential in valuing the practice and transition patients to new providers. a) Internal Recruitment- looking for physicians within the HCO by posting on bulletin boards, newsletters, and websites b) External Recruitment- holding job fairs, going to schools, placing ads and other attempts to network beyond the HCO.

4. Discuss the pitfalls of the new physician joining a practice. From the example in the case, outline what principles should guide a physician in taking on a new associate/partner. New physicians would want to discuss recruiting applications, selecting from applications, Training and development a) Contract terms

b) Compensation
c) Facility and resources
d) Benefits.

5. How long should a physician be in a practice before he or she becomes a partner? Five year to become a partner -Should he or she ever become an equal partner? Yes. He would have a voice in matters and compensation. Background Statement

The Urban Community Hospital in Manhattan, New York, is a large general practice. I am the chairman of the department looking to recruit a new recruit to replace a retiring member. Dr. Simon the junior surgeon on staff has the credentials. Although, much of his time is spent at another hospital I explain to him what this position requires, certain duties that...
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