HRM 594 Course Project

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resources Pages: 18 (5041 words) Published: November 9, 2014

When looking at which staffing methods work best for any organization you have to take in account many things. For this paper we are going to focus on Internet staffing methods compared to traditional staffing methods. When making the determination you have to look to at how long it takes, expenses needed, retaining quality employees. The staffing method that you decide to choose is very important and it dependent upon these factors. One way organizations can figure out what they need to use by utilizing Strategic staffing methods. Strategic staffing will provide an idea of what problems related to staffing an organization might have. Strategic staffing is very important to any organization. The bottom line that we all should understand is staffing is about recruiting, selecting, and retention of the employee. Selecting the right candidate is very important because it helps the organization meet their goals. There are so many different staffing methods used by organizations. Staffing today has changed greatly and presents many challenges for organizations. Many candidates are not as easy to find as they used to be. Many potential candidates are usually already employed. Many potential candidates that are already employed are looking for work but not aggressively. There are reports that suggest that more than half of the employees who work for other organizations are very interested in seeking new employment but often times are not making themselves known since they are looking so passively. This makes it difficult for many organizations to staff their agencies. Positions in the organizations are vacant but there not enough candidates applying to fill the vacancy. This can be difficult for organizations to have a healthy pool of candidates to choose from. Without a healthy pool of candidates positions can be left vacant for a longer period of time and it can become a detriment to the organization. Now if we look at Traditional staffing methods we will see that it can be costly and may not be as effective for various organizations. If we begin to utilize technologies that we now have in the 21st century we will see that the internet will prove to be more effective and more affordable for many organizations. Many people today use the internet for social media activities and shopping. Since so many people are logged into the internet daily it’s a great medium for companies to be able to reach their potential employees. Many people log into the internet to shop and socialize for several reasons. The main reason is because it’s convenient and a quick way to get everything you need in one place. The Internet brings together buyers and sellers of goods and services and by automating transactions, web markets expand the choices available to buyers, give sellers access to new customers and reduces transaction costs for all the players (Kaplan and Sawhney2000). Traditional staffing methods can be time consuming. Traditional staffing methods consist of posting vacancies in newspapers and working with agencies to help fill vacant positions. Often times many candidates will walk into the Human Resource department to just apply for positions whether they are related to their background or not. Since so many people applied to numerous jobs that were not specific a large amount of resumes will be received by the Human Resource department. Going through each resume was very tedious and time consuming for the recruitment process. The traditional staffing method would take a long time to complete. Now that technology has advanced and everyone is utilizing the internet the Human Resource Department has more flexibility and freedom to reach a large number of candidates effortlessly. Companies are able to grow and expand their brand when their positions are filled by competent employees. These employees are skillfully found through a successful recruitment process. Recruitment starts with posting of...
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