Great Wall Golf and Country Club

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The goal at Great Wall is to not only maintain its status but to evolve and better itself. In this as per the report submitted by Human Resources was to make HR the changing agent, strategic partner, administrative expert and employee champion in order to deliver value.

Also highlighted here are the 4 key functions and objectives: 1) RECRUIT: Find potential and attitude
2) EDUCATE: Show them (employees) the opportunity, culture & philosophy. 3) TRAIN: Take advantage of opportunities (job skills, technology, leadership) 4) KEEP: Motivate them to develop them.

Some of the key Human Resource Policies include:
- Organisation/job design
- Management of change
- Recruitment, selection & induction
- Appraisal, training, development
- Rewards
- Communications
- Grievance & disciplinary
- Retirement & termination

As mentioned in the case notes, when staffing was done ads were printed in newspapers and the response was huge. Staff selection was made through the unreliable and least valid unstructured method where gut feeling was the basis of choosing an employee. While the selected employees may or may not perform a lot better selection could have been achieved if the staffing team used a more structured employee selection approach.

And while Great Wall has managed to achieve its staffing need, it is commonly understood that staff retention is a much larger problem than staff hiring. Some of the common mistakes made with staffing are: 1) Putting one person in control of everything – It is not advisable to have one person in charge of all operations as this limits their ability to give quality performance. 2) Insertion of family & friends into the supply chain – It is very important to trust your employees, however a regular audit needs to be performed within the sales and purchasing departments to ensure that employees are not placing orders with companies owned by friends or relatives that are then charging your business above market rates. 3) Setting up a parallel business – Setting up a parallel business would mean where an employee would sell the products of the company and use the company resource and contacts to meet their needs.

With much of Great Wall's staffing needs being met with by the Singaporean Chinese people, the challenges increased when it came to retention. And hence to meet the situation it is important to make extensive attrition control measures.

Most employee development and training programs fall under the following categories: •Management Development
•Career Development
•Basic Skills
•Professional Skills
•Technical Training
•Supervisory Skills

Training and development can be initiated for a variety of reasons for an employee or group of employees, e.g.:

•When a performance appraisal indicates performance improvement is needed •To "benchmark" the status of improvement so far in a performance improvement effort •As part of an overall professional development program

•As part of succession planning to help an employee be eligible for a planned change in role in the organization •To "pilot", or test, the operation of a new performance management system •To train about a specific topic (see below)

Typical Topics of Employee Training
1.Communications: The increasing diversity of today's workforce brings a wide variety of languages and customs. 2.Computer skills: Computer skills are becoming a necessity for conducting administrative and office tasks. 3.Customer service: Increased competition in today's global marketplace makes it critical that employees understand and meet the needs of customers. 4.Diversity: Diversity training usually includes explanation about how people have different perspectives and views, and includes techniques to value diversity 5.Ethics: Today's society has increasing expectations about corporate social responsibility. Also,...

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