Should backpacks be allowed in school

Topics: Shoulder strap, Electronics, Pain Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: November 5, 2014
Students might say that backpacks are very convenient; they help students save time as well as teaching organization and responsibility but this essay will tell you about the disadvantageous side of backpacks. While backpacks have a positive side, the negative side of having a backpack in class is very conspicuous. Not only are backpacks very clumsy and space consuming, prolonged carrying of a backpack can be very bad for the back. Also, backpacks are an excellent place for students to hide objects that are prohibited. Firstly, backpacks are very bulky and awkward. In a classroom, there is no designated space for backpacks to be kept so students might put it on the back of their chair, put it on their desk, or even leave them on the floor. This then causes many accidents because people are not always looking at the ground as they walk so many students and teachers could trip. If the school allows backpacks in class and tells you that they must not be kept on the ground, this presents another problem for students because the only available place left would be on their desk, thus impairing on their workspace and learning. There is also the issue of backpacks in hallways. As everyone knows, the time to travel between classes is not very long and the hallways can get very congested, especially the staircases. Now imagine everyone carrying a backpack; the result would be a much uncoordinated mass of people. Hallways would not only be even more congested, students will now have to be extra careful in order not to trip and get swallowed into the never-ending swarm of students. Just the reason about backpacks being big and inconvenient alone should be enough to convince everyone that backpacks in class are a huge mistake. Subsequently, allowing backpacks means that students will have to bring it to every class which could lead to major health concerns for students. As a result of allowing backpacks, students will now most likely go directly to class which means...
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