No Smoking in Public Places

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Why not to throw things in the classroom

There are several things to say about not throwing things in the classroom. My three things why not to throw things into the classroom are, it can blind someone, people can get hurt by it, and it is for writing, not throwing. The first reason not to throw paper in class is that it can blind someone. If someone got hit in the eye with it, it can damage their eye if they get hit to hard, and in the wrong place. Being blind isn’t the best, you can’t see anything. It’s not right to throw paper in class because you don’t want that person not being able to see anything. If I threw paper and it blinded someone I would feel horrible. That is a good reason not to throw paper and blind someone because you would feel guilty and it’s not fun to have guilt. Throwing paper and blinding someone is very wrong, it can really hurt someone. My second reason why not to throw things in class is that people can get hurt. People can get hurt in several ways, like, paper cut, blinded, and can lose their hearing. Paper cuts can lead to an infection and blood lost. Getting hit in the eye can lead to without seeing. Lose of hearing is not getting to hear your own families voices. Without these things, it’s a rough life. Throwing paper and hitting someone while having these causes isn’t a good thing to do. It is so incredibly wrong if you through paper because of these reasons. Last but not least is paper is for writing, not throwing. People chop down trees for paper, not to waste it for throwing. Throwing paper and not writing on it is a total waste because it takes a lot of trees to make paper and wasting trees for throwing is dumb. We need trees for oxygen and we use trees for paper and if we waste all that paper we are wasting trees. Throwing paper is a waste because it’s for writing on, not throwing. You shouldn’t throw paper because it wastes trees. If we threw paper and wasted it, we would be wasting trees and...
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