Ground Rules and Icebreakers

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Ground Rules and Icebreakers (Ugo Oguh)

Ground rules are needed to set a standard in the teaching environment in order to maintain an atmosphere where everyone gets along and concentrates on the subject. We need ground rules to keep everyone in a classroom comfortable, satisfied with the course of study, share a communal respect for one another, be confident with the ability to concentrate a lot more without the worry of being distracted. We can set Ground rules by:

1. Imposing rules on the students
* Pros: The students know what the consequence of breaking the rules would be. They try as hard as they can to prevent any rules being broken. * Cons: Some students might object to the rules being imposed on them. Disciplining the students might make them rebellious in the classroom

2. Negotiating Rules with the students
* Pros: By negotiating the rules that are of more importance, students would feel they are being treated fairly. * Cons: Being fair might have its adverse effect. Some students might need a tougher approach.

3. Assigning specific rules to individual students or group of students * Pros: Students could watch, learn and see how others obey the rules they have been set. * Cons: Some students may feel they’ve been given the more daunting sets of rules to engage in and so could oppose.

4. Designing posters
* Pros: These posters are drawn up by each group of students and hung up on walls. This makes it easier for them to be remembered. * Cons: Some drawings might not have a clear description and would be easily forgotten.

Icebreakers are techniques or strategies used in reducing the tension at the beginning of a class to make the students feel relaxed and also get involved in the class in a light and effective way. In teaching, Icebreakers could be used to foster openness that leads to a bonding experience that causes the student to feel a sense of community, which motivates them to be engaged...
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