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  • pain

    Remembered pain keeps us on guard against its recurrence‚ and memory exists even in our unconscious mind. Let us remind ourselves that our unconscious mind exists either because we are indifferent to certain things or because we are afraid to re-awaken the memories of unpleasant or painful experiences. Let us remind ourselves that the totality of the records of all our unpleasant and painful experiences are hidden in the depths of our unconscious mind. If we realize the meaning of this‚ we will be

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  • The Pain Scale

    9/7/2012 English 101 On a scale from 1 to 10 "The Pain Scale" by Eula Biss is a very controversial and interesting piece of writing in which Bliss attempts to determine a scale to measure her pain. However‚ the writer begins to realize that the duty of associating pain with a number and measurement is much harder than it appears due to the fact that she is unsure what it truly means to "measure things". The practice of giving pain a set of numbers was introduced by the hospice movement in

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  • Ncp Pain

    RATIONALE | EVALUATION | Pain related to scoliosis as evidenced by a pain scale of 8/10.CUESSubjective: * “ masakit yung likod ko‚ iba sya sa pangangalay‚ basta sobrang masakit lalo na nung before ako iadmit dito sa hospital.” * “madalas kase sumasakit ang likod ko”.• patient was taking a bath when she noted a “pressure” pain at the lumbar area.Objective: * Client rates her health as 6 out of 10 because she feels weak caused by her condition. * 8/10 in severity of pain * Observed client position

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  • Assessment of Pain

    Assessment of pain http://www.nursingtimes.net/nursing-practice/clinical-specialisms/pain-management/assessment-of-pain/1861174.article 18 September‚ 2008 | By Sharon Wood Assessment and diagnosis for succesful pain management To provide optimal patient care‚ nurses require appropriate knowledge‚ skills and attitudes towards painpain assessment and its management. This must be based on the best available evidence to prevent patients from suffering harm (NMC‚ 2008 ). It is unacceptable for patients

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  • Knee Pain

    List A: Pharmacological and complementary treatment of knee pain Knee pain is an immobilizing symptom from various of diseases and particularly important to treat in the elderly population. Knee pain accounts for 1.9 million visits to general practitioners and 1 million visits to emergency departments annually. Through history taking‚ focusing on red flags that the patients might present with‚ through physical examination‚ and understanding knee anatomy‚ physicians are able to make the diagnosis

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  • No Pain No Gain

    No Pain No Gain The phrase “No pain; no gain.” First came to prominence circa 1982 when actress Jane Fonda started using the phrase in her aerobic workout videos to encourage the viewer to push past the soreness of the muscle so they could gain the result they desire. Although the “No pain; no gain” philosophy is most often associated with fitness‚ it has undeniably become largely used in life in general. Often in life‚ in order to get what we want‚ we have to do things that are not exactly to

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  • Pain Killers

    time people usually feel pain‚ loneliness and sadness; sometimes they also feel angry or desperate or guilty or even dying. The examples of such stage could be found not only in real life but also in the most famous American novels and stories. There are numerous examples of pain killers in the short stories of Hemingway; one of them is called "The Snows of Kilimanjaro". The main character in this story‚ Harry‚ is suffering from the gangrene in his leg which reflects his pain and conflict inside of

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    PAIN MANAGEMENT Definition of Pain Pain is defined as localized physical suffering associated with bodily disorder (as a disease or an injury) also basic bodily sensation induced by a noxious agent or stimulus‚ received by naked nerve ending‚ characterized by physical discomfort (pricking‚ throbbing‚ aching) and typically leading to evasive action. Definition of Pain Management Pain management is defined as the process of providing medical care that alleviates or reduces pain. Pathophysiology

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  • Pain Misconceptions

    Emotional and physical pain‚ according to popular belief‚ are thought to stem from two different places in the brain. However‚ the origin of both types of pain occur in the same place. With physical pain an injury occurs‚ and the damaged area triggers nerve cells to send signals of anguish to the brain. The signals received are then very rapidly processed in the automatic‚ subconscious part of the brain. The amygdala and limbic structures of the brain are in place to alert us in case of danger

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  • Pain Management

    PAIN MANAGEMENT IN THE EMERGENCY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT Associate Professor Peter Manning Emeritus Consultant Emergency Medicine Department National University Hospital‚ Singapore Jan 2004 Revised Aug 07 / Feb 08 / Nov 09 / Dec 11 / Dec 12 Accepted practice patterns must be questioned – implementation of pain score to vital signs We underestimate the pain produced by common practical procedures Analogy – just as we vary antibiotics according to sensitivities‚ perhaps we should be prepared

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