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PAIN MANAGEMENT WITH THE CORRECT TOOLS Lorin Fernandez TESC Health Assessment NUR-416 Dr. Pamela S. Card February 24, 2013 Introduction Cancer patients, end of life patients, patients with chronic diseases, and patients with a simple complaint of pain are all entitled to the best pain management available for their specific needs. This topic is of particularly important for nursing professionals who need to have the knowledge to adequately assess and manage a patient’s pain with the...

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Ingenious Pain

Ingenious Pain by Andrew Miller takes place during The Enlightenment of the 18th century. This dramatic novel portrays James Dyer, the main character, is born in 1739 without the feeling of pain. In the eight parts of the story, the structure begins near the end in which an autopsy is taken place of James dyer, who died in 1772. The climax of the story is not of his death, but rather the metamorphosis of his human suffering. This change connects with Friedrich Nietzsche theory of pain. "In pain there...

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Pain Killers

Pain Killers COM 220 2/21/10 Even though people do not believe they are addicted, painkillers are addicting because painkillers that are being misused are deadly and they are a hard habit to break. Many people are using and abusing painkillers which are prescription drugs and some may say that they are not and will not admit it. The effects of prescription abuse are painfully obvious and needed at the same time. Having a habit can lead to painkillers being addicted...

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The Pains of Writing

The Pains of Writing It is sometimes difficult to articulate the things you want to say on paper. Lamott and Vetter are two professional writers who discuss the struggles of writing. Both writers agree that writing is a difficult process that will cause you agonizing pain. However, Lamott offers a solution to the pain whereas Vetter stays negative. Lamott and Vetter both use humor to discuss their own theories on the writing process. Vetter seems to think, “All you have to do is spend 40 to...

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Menstrual Pain

'alternative medicine' are deceptive euphemisms meant to give an impression of medical authority. Many women have pain with their periods, especially when they are in their teens. In most cases, menstrual pain does not mean a more serious problems, although sometimes it can be associated with endometriosis or uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. Menstrual pain is oftenly used synonymously with menstrual cramps, but the latter may also refer to menstrual uterine contractions, which...

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Holistic Pain Management

Holistic Pain Management Holistic self-care methods are a viable alternative to drug-dependent side effects, and expensive, hi-tech intervention. Pain is a widespread affliction in the population of the United States. A result most often of disease, injury, or surgery, physical pain ranges in severity from the short-term acute pain associated with bumped knees, scraped elbows, and minor burns to deep, chronic pain resulting from nerve damage or unspecified causes. In a National...

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Vague Complaints of Pain

Study #2 - Vague complaints of pain in the Emergency Department Susan M. Hewitt RN, CEN The Robert B. Miller College BSRN-340-Pharmacology for Nursing Care Instructor: Mr. James Middleton February 26th, 2009 Case Study #2 – Vague complaints of pain in the Emergency Department Many people that come to the emergency department who complain of pain are usually vague about their symptoms. Other people over-react and could win an Oscar nomination for their pain presentation. People who...

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Pain Management Module 1

work with a patient that was experiencing pain. Briefly describe the situation (1-2 sentences) and tell us if there were any barriers present that prevented the patient from achieving pain relief (1 sentence). If you have not had experience with patients in pain, hypothesize what the situation might be like, from what you already know. Currently, I work as a nurse on a medical/surgical floor for mainly neurosurgery patients, who deal with chronic pain daily. One of the cases I was involved in...

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Acupuncture for Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management Everyone at one point in his or her life has felt pain. Image if you had constant pain with no relieve in site. With acupuncture, relief is just a thin wire away. Scientists are not ready to admit that acupuncture works in pain management. However, studies have shown that acupuncture can modifies the perception of pain and how it is processed by the brain. Through neuroimaging and genomics, scientists can see the changes within the brain’s pain center. They...

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Meaning of "No Pain No Gain"

No pain no gain The concept of "no pain no gain" in the exercise and bodybuilding world has come under significant scrutiny in recent years. Some studies suggest that exercising muscle tissue to the point of pain or failure does not necessarily result in a gain in overall muscle mass. In fact, the damage caused by overworking or straining a muscle group can be greater than any perceived gain in mass or definition. A number of professional trainers now advise their clients to stop performing an...

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