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  • Pain Management Module 1

    work with a patient that was experiencing pain. Briefly describe the situation (1-2 sentences) and tell us if there were any barriers present that prevented the patient from achieving pain relief (1 sentence). If you have not had experience with patients in pain‚ hypothesize what the situation might be like‚ from what you already know. Currently‚ I work as a nurse on a medical/surgical floor for mainly neurosurgery patients‚ who deal with chronic pain daily. One of the cases I was involved in

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  • Reiki Therapy for Pain Management

    Reiki Therapy for Pain Management M. Adams University of Central Florida Topic Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner uses light touch to channel the flow of energy to promote healing‚ relaxation‚ and overall wellness (Richeson‚ Spross‚ Lutz & Peng‚ 2011). Reiki has its roots in Japan as a method of therapeutic healing (Ernst‚ Lee & Pittler‚ 2008). It is believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and renewed in the

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  • Knee Pain Case Studies

    DOI: 7/27/2007. Patient is a 57-year-old male forklift driver who sustained a right knee injury when his right foot got caught and twisted while getting off a forklift. Per medical report dated 5/24/2016‚ patient complained of 9/10 pain in the knees‚ but he says‚ with use of the Norco‚ it dropped down to a 6/10 and he was able to stay active. The patient was able to walk around for longer distances and weight-bear for longer periods of time with the medications than without the medications. He said

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  • Pain Neuromatrix and the Physiotherapy Patient

    is a term used to describe the interconnected maze of nerves that carry the painful stimulus to all the different areas of the brain such as the central cortex‚ thalamus and limbic system that are involved in perceiving‚ reacting to and regulating pain. (Keefe‚ Abernethy & Campbell 2005‚ Melzack 2005‚ 2001‚ 1999‚ Moseley 2003) Essentially three different areas of information feed into the neuromatrix. 1. Sensory information from our physical body (skin‚ muscle‚ organs etc). 2. Cognitive

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  • Neck Pain Case Studies

    DOI: 08/18/2007. Patient is a 53-year-old male registered nurse who sustained a work-related injury to his neck when he tried to pull a patient. Per OMNI‚ patient is diagnosed with back pain. IW was declared P & S in 2009. He is status post C5 to C6 fusion in 2005 and C3 to C5 anterior fusion in 2008. MRI of the cervical spine obtained on 10/29/14 showed postoperative changes from C3-6. At C6-7‚ there are mild degenerative disc space changes along with a broad- based disc bulge and some posterior

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  • Neuropathic Pain Analysis Paper

    Pain reported by a patient is known as subjective data. Based on the person’s location of pain and type of pain can greatly affect the patients performance of daily activities‚ sleep patterns‚ and engaging in social activities (Treas‚ Wilkinson‚ 2014). In this scenario the 60-year-old African-American female with metastatic ovarian cancer is experiencing chronic pain. This pain would be defined as the patient experiencing visceral pain. Visceral pain activates deep internal pain receptors that are

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  • acute pain care plan

    Company. Pain. November 5‚ 2013. Elselvier. Retrieved from http://www.us.elselvierhealth.com. Vallerand‚ A. (2013). Davis’s drug guide for nurses‚ (13th ed.) Philiadelphia:P.A. Davis Company. Nursing Diagnosis Acute pain related inflammation secondary to Diverticulitis m/b pt rating pain a “6” on a scale of 0-10‚ pt guarding abdomen with movements‚ and facial grimacing with position change. Outcomes(s) Pt will have decreased pain as evidence by pt rating pain a 3 or less

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  • Back Pain Case Studies

    dated 08/18/2016‚ patient was prescribed with Norco. Based on the progress report dated 09/06/16‚ the patient presents for ongoing evaluation of her chronic low back pain. The patient states that her back pain radiates down to the lift hip‚ and her pain is 10/10 when most bothersome without medication. With medication‚ her pain is able to be rated to a 5/10. When she takes her medication‚ she is able to get up and take a shower‚ she is able to go to the grocery store‚ she is able to do some laundry

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  • Pain and Suffering: a Biblical Perspective

    Dr. Dvorak Philosophy of Religion November 5‚ 2004 Pain and Suffering: A Biblical Perspective There are fundamental flaws with regards to pain and suffering and how religion attempts to defines its inception. The Quran states that "True‚ there is Pain and suffering at the terminal end of an illness‚ but we believe there is reward from God for those who patiently persevere in suffering" (39:10 and 31:17‚ par. 2). On two occasions‚ according to the Gospels‚ Jesus had the opportunity to explain

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  • Why Is Pain Management Important

    Pain management is of great significance in the patient’s care. Pain is called the fifth vital sign therefore the health care professionals need to be aware of how imperative is for the patient in pain to have an effective pain management. The nurses play an important role in the assessment and care of patients with pain. Pain is a big challenge for all clinicians because of its subjective nature. The nurse has to have a good understanding of the patient’s pain to do a good assessment and take good

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