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The Catcher in the Rye: A Definitive Novel of a Young Man's Growing Pains

The Catcher in the Rye is the definitive novel of a young man's growing pains, of growing up in pain. Growing up is a ritual – more deadly than religion, more complicated than baseball, for there seem to be no rules. Everything is experienced for the first time." To What extent do you agree with this passage? Do you agree that Catcher in the Rye is the definitive novel of a young man's growing pains, of growing up in pain? Do you agree that growing up is a ritual? You need to identify whether...

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Pain and Yoga Application Paper

health and well-being (Weil, n.d.). A study in the journal Spine (Williams et al., 2009) indicates the benefits of yoga as a treatment for back pain and confirms the importance of staying active when rehabilitating the spine and seeking pain relief, a point that may initially seem counterintuitive to patients but should not be lost. In the study, 90 back pain sufferers (aged 23 to 66) were split into two groups, with one group performing 90-minutes of Iyengar yoga twice a week for six months and the...

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A Hero of Our Time: a Short Analysis of Human Complacency with Suffering and Pain

Jeremiah Morales Morales 1 IB World Literature Ms. Gibbs December 21, 2011 A Hero of Our Time: Human Complacency with Suffering and Pain Throughout A Hero of Our Time, Mikhail Lermontov speculates greatly the validity of human friendships. Through his protagonist, Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin, Lermontov reveals friendship to be a parasitic sort of relationship, one member of the...

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Phantom Pain and Limbs

This feeling, referred to as "phantom pain" or "stump hallucination", is a frustrating sensation to an amputee. For some amputees, these phantom sensations may be no more than painless distractions of pressure, warmth, and cold that do not interfere with their everyday lives. Some patients have even reported having phantom pleasures; an "orgasmic" feeling in a missing limb. For the majority of amputees, about 50% to 80% (Sherman), they experience phantom pains that vary in classification from cramping...

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Post-Surgical Pain Case Studies

Pain is defined as “whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he or she says it does” (173). With the information provided in the scenario of Mr. Clark and Mrs. Wong, this writer believes Mr. Clark is experiencing the greatest amount of post-operative pain. The numerical pain rating scale provides supporting data due to Mr. Clark rating his pain as 8/10 and Mrs. Wong as 3/10. In addition to the numerical pain scale, a focused interview should be conducted. A focused interview...

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Aesthetics Pain and Suffering Books: “Waiting for the Barbarians” by J.M. Coetze “Nervous Conditions” by Tsitsi Dangarembga

AESTHETICS Pain and Suffering Books: “Waiting for the Barbarians” by J.M. Coetze “Nervous Conditions” by Tsitsi Dangarembga AISTHETICS Pain and suffering… What comes into your mind when you read these words? You probably just told yourself “I don’t want to read this”. Well, it is true that our minds connect pain with torture and scenes of horror. But let’s see how the two novels presented the theme of pain. In the first novel that we studied in class, “Waiting...

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Compare and Contrast “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen and “Out, Out-”by Robert Frost. in What Ways Do They Explore the Theme of Pain and Suffering?

COMPARE AND CONTRAST “DISABLED” BY WILFRED OWEN AND “OUT, OUT-”BY ROBERT FROST. IN WHAT WAYS DO THEY EXPLORE THE THEME OF PAIN AND SUFFERING? These two poems are very different in terms of syntax, structure and actions, but the tone is the same in each. Both poems make us pity the young boys who were forced to grow up before their time, not understanding the possible consequences of their actions. They are connected in this way despite being thrown out of life differently (and because of different...

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Pain Control During Infant Circumcision

Pain Control During Infant Circumcision Circumcision is a painful surgical procedure frequently performed on newborn baby boys and often without available pain relief measures being used. The procedure, especially without pain relief, can cause short-term effects such as choking, gagging, and vomiting. Long term effects of circumcision without pain relief are not well understood, however, an increased incidence of intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) and/or periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) has...

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Postpartum Pain Literature Review

postpartum pain. In the first study by Leeman et al. (2009), the purpose was to evaluate the pain associated with genital trauma, labor care, and different incidences during birth from a group of healthy women who had few instances of episiotomies and delivered vaginally. The sample size consisted of 565 midwifery patients that were at least eighteen years of age. These women signed consent forms allowing their birth experiences to be documented as well as consented to have a postpartum pain assessment...

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Pathological Pain Lab Report

INTRODUCTION Pain is an important sensation that alerts to a threatening condition in the body’s tissues.1 Like hunger or thirst, it is a motivational somatic state that drives appropriate behavioral responses, but chronic pathological pain can also completely dominate attention and consciousness and cause intolerable suffering.2 Our knowledge of the representation of pain in the peripheral nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain is increasing, and become aware that many neurochemicals involved...

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