Hospital Pain Assessment Report

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This is in regards to the concerns your husband shared with us regarding the care you received while here at St. Mark’s Hospital, treatment for pain control, and proceeding events.

First of all, we would like to extend our appreciation for bringing your concerns to our attention. Please know that your concerns have been shared with the Director of 5W, David Perkins, Executive Director of Quality, Chief Medical Officer, and the Quality Improvement Council. They have conducted a thorough investigation and a full examination of your records.

Documentation shows that after surgery, when you returned to 5W, your pain score was a 10 of 10, severe pain. Your electronic medical record did not show orders for pain medications. As such, the nurse notified the physician and received an order for pain medication, Dilaudid; which was administered intravenously. Approximately 45 minutes later, your pain score was re- assessed and you stated not having any relief. Appropriately, according to your pain assessment you received another medication, Diazepam, to assist with pain control.
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The care provided as a result of the change in clinical status was immediate and appropriate. The dosages and timing of Dilaudid and Diazepam were felt to be appropriate. Your underlying obstructive sleep apnea may have contributed to the increased sensitivity to the

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