Unit 4222-371

Topics: BBC, BBC Online, BBC News Online Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Failures in Care

Winterbourne View ‘failed to protect people’.
The BBC secretly filmed a hospital where alleged abuse was reported. A health watchdog reported it as ‘systemic failure to protect people’. I read this on the BBC news website. The Care Quality Commission published its findings after an inspection of Winterbourne view hospital near Bristol. The review was ordered after BBC Panorama filmed patients being pinned down, slapped and taunted, police said they had arrested 12 people. Whistleblower, Terry Bryan alerted the BBC with his concerns about some staff members which then was passed on to the Panorama programme. Mr Bryan, a senior nurse, decided to act after his concerns of ‘appalling misconduct’ were not followed up by the home’s management, or the Care Quality Commissions. It was reported by Care Quality Commission that Winterbourne View owners, Castlebeck, had failed to ensure residents living at the unit were adequately protected from risk, also it included the risks of unsafe practices by its own staff. Judge Ford said ‘no attempt was made to provide a caring environment and if the abuse had not been uncovered it would have continued’. I read this on the BBC news website. The inquiry stated that there was a systemic failure to protect people and to investigate allegations of abuse. The hospital management had failed in its legal duty to notify the Care Quality Commission of serious incidents including injuries to patients. It was also reported that staff did not appear to understand the needs of the patients in their care and some staff were too ready to use methods of restraint without considering alternatives, such as in my opinion assessing the risk of harm to the service user. Reading the report I find a huge lack of training and support for the staff. The staff also complained of being over worked and understaffed. As I read in Health and Social care text book. Winterbourne View which had 24 patients was closed down in June 2011. The...
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