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  • Neuron

    small: The Neuronneuron: a nerve cell; receives signals from other neurons or sensory organs‚ processes these signals‚ and sends signals to other neurons‚ muscles‚ or bodily organs  the basic unit of the nervous system The Neuron 3 types of neurons: 1. sensory neurons: respond to input from sensory organs (skin‚ eyes‚ etc.) 2. motor neurons: send signals to muscles to control movement 3. interneurons: connect the sensory neurons and motor neurons most of the neurons in the brain

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  • Neurons

    Neurons are cells used to perceive the outside environment‚ the internal environment within themselves‚ to formulate behavioral response to those signals‚ and to send that information to other neurons‚ muscles‚ or glands. All information comes into a neuron through the dendrite‚ flows through the neuron and then leaves to go to the next neuron through the axon. Neuron communication does not rely on a single entity but entrusts several different processes that involve the contribution of neuron structure

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  • Neurons Assignment.

    Neurons Assignment: A neuron is a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. Neurons are similar to other cells in the human body in a number of ways‚ but there is one key difference between neurons and other cells. Neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body. There are 4 basic types of neurons: Bipolar: A bipolar cell is a type of neuron which has two extensions. Bipolar cells are specialized sensory neurons for the transmission of special senses

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  • Regeneration of Neurons

    ABSTRACT NEW DISCOVORIES FOR THE REGENERATION OF DAMAGED NEURONS (Possible cures and relief for millions of people) Normally‚ neurons in the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) cannot regenerate injured nerve fibers‚ limiting people’s ability to recover from brain or spinal cord injuries. Repair of the central nervous system and restoration of voluntary motor activity through axonal re-growth has long been considered impossible in mammals. Over the last decade‚ numerous attempts

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  • Neuron Disorders

    While neuron disorders are debilitating diseases‚ scientists are researching promising new cures. This research ranges from the crosstalk between motor and sensory neurons‚ to the morphing of skin cells‚ and the function of the CLP1 gene and its role in certain diseases. A first example of this promising new research is that scientists have discovered that ephrin and Eph prevent spinal cord neurons from regenerating after injuries. This means that if scientists can coax the neurons that are injured

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  • Neuron and Neurotransmission

    requires communication between your brain‚ muscles and organs. This starts with the neurons. Our organs sense things the brain needs to know. Signals are sent to the brain‚ it is decoded and then tells your brain what muscles to use and how. The signal is sent‚ a neurotransmitter. This is stored in the axon. An electrical impulse starts in the neuron. The charge is sent down the axon and this is how it starts. A neuron has three basic parts: the body or soma‚ the axon and the dendrites. The Cell

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  • How Neurons Communicate

    How neurons communicate Neurons are the specialized cells which make up the body’s nervous system. These nerve cells process and transmit information from one part of the body to another. For example‚ if you were to touch a candle flame for more than an instant‚ pain nerves also known as receptors that are in your finger would send a message up through your hand and arm to the spinal cord and then to the brain. The brain which in turn records pain and sends the messages back down to various parts

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  • Mirror Neurons

    Mirror neurons are defined as a group of neurons that fire both when the monkey executes a motor act and when it observes another individual (a human being or another monkey) performing the same or a similar motor act. They were discovered by a group of scientist at the University of Parma‚ Italy‚ when working on monkeys. The researchers‚ led by Giacomo Rizzolatti‚ had observed strange phenomenon with peanuts. They discovered that same group of neurons was responding when the monkey would pick up

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  • Summation Vs Neuron

    summation Summation can be defined as the method which neurons use to communicate with each other‚ determining if the cumulative postsynaptic potential in the neuron is enough to pass the threshold for firing. There are two types of summation‚ spatial summation and temporal summation. Both types of summation are similar in that they work to strengthen the EPSP of a neuron‚ meaning they help create more postsynaptic potential so that neurons are more likely to fire. Spatial summation and temporal

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  • Signal Travelling in Neurons

    Traveling in Neurons Two opposing ideas about the nervous system * Reticular theory ( the nervous system consisted of a large network of fused nerve cells) * Neuron theory ( the nervous system consisted of distinct elements or cells * Discovery of staining led to the acceptance of neuron theory. Staining is a chemical technique that caused nerve cells to become colored so they stood out from surrounding tissue * A way of electricity is transmitted in groups of neurons‚ such as the

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