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Alternative Medicine

Is alternative medicine effective or ineffective? Since the beginning of time there have been various cultures that have counted on what modern Western physicians refer to as alternative medicine. Before modern Western medicine became what it is today every illness was treated by some sort of natural remedy or alternative medicine. The debate still continues today whether or not alternative medicine is effective or if they are temporary solutions that will eventually lead to a turning towards Western...

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Alternative Medicine

Amanda ****** Jeanna *** Eng 1A October 8, 2013 Alternative Medicine My daughter would not be here today of it weren’t for alternative medicine. My doctor had labeled me a “spontaneous aborter,” meaning my body wouldn’t hold a pregnancy, six miscarriages in four years. I was going crazy and when I asked my doctor why, he just said “it just happens to some women.” Really? What was wrong with me? A friend of mine referred me to a chiropractor. “What can a chiropractor do?” I asked myself. Despite...

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Alternative Medicine

Through out recorded history, people of various cultures have relied on what Western medical practitioners today call alternative medicine. People use these treatments and therapies in a variety of different ways. The most common form of alternative medicine that is the most widely used is herbal medicines. Herbs have been used for thousands of years through out the world. There are records of the Egyptians using them in 1 600 BC, and scriptures that date back to the Yin dynasty in 1 500 BC (3)...

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Alternative Medicine Essay 12

Throughout the last few years alternative medicine has drawn a ton of attention towards itself. New ideas and new styles of this medicine are introduced into the media everyday. Despite all the attention to this new trend what do we actually know about it? Is it safe? What studies have been done? In a time when people are looking for a change and living life to the fullest these new methods of medicine seem to be just the answer we're looking for. Conventional medical practitioners say that this...

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Alternative vs Conventional Medicine

 Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine Abstract The paper discusses the differences and similarities between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. The major differences concern the educational level, attitude to diseases, theoretical support and researches, patient participation, time, and cost. The main similarities include healing purpose, the human factor, and some common methods used. Keywords: alternative medicine, conventional...

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Contemporary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), some conventional medical practitioners refer to these as unconventional therapies. WHO defines it as a therapy or a treatment that is not a part of the country’s own tradition or not an integrated part of their health care system. CAM is becoming more available, more used and more socially acceptable in the United States. CAM products and providers are regulated by NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), an agency for scientific...

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10 Herbal Medicine

plants to be used as herbal medicine in Philippines due to its beneficial effects. These herbal medicines have underwent clinical studies through the Philippine Department of Health's "Traditional Health Program" to offer as alternative to conventioanl medicines. Below is the list of these medicinal plants: 1. Akapulko (Cassia alata) Common names include "bayabas-bayabasan" in tagalog, "ringworm bush or schrub" and "acapulco" in English, this Philippine herbal medicine is used to treat tinea infections...

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Reflexology: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Reflexology Consumers all over the world are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) more and more. There are many reasons why. Some patients have tried traditional medical treatment for chronic illnesses that have not worked and they want to try something new. Some can not afford traditional medical treatment, and CAM is generally less expensive. Some people like the naturalness of CAM, they think it is safer. What ever the reason, in the United States, 36% of adults are using...

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Alternative Medicine Essay 1

Alternative medicine is a medical practice that is generally founded on metaphysical beliefs. Many a times, alternative medicine is found to be antiscientific. The practice of alternative medicine has progressively become popular in the recent past decades with more and more patients preferring alternative medicine to modern scientific medicine (Skeptic dictionary, 2009). Alternative medicine practice falls into five main categories as classified by National Center for Complementary and Alternative...

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omplementary medicine and alternative medicine

Complementary medicine and alternative medicine In our world today the use of (CAM) complementary and alternative medicine is increasing tremendously where people are looking out for new health care systems that are less harmful to the human body and do not involve the use of chemicals or even toxins. Moreover, CAM goes hand in hand with conventional medicine where health systems are now shifting from traditional medical practices...

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