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Obstetrics and Gynecology Desiree Collins Francis Marion University Obstetrics nursing is healthcare profession that focuses on the care of pregnant women and the babies they give birth to. Obstetrics nurse deals with the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the time after the women’s pregnancy, as well as offer nursing care for women with health problems of or related to their reproductive system. Some obstetrics nurses may specialize in labor and delivery nurses. Obstetrics...

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Obstetrics and Nurse

Preeclampsia Sara Bishop, RN, PhD Initial History and Assessment At 0600 Jennie is brought to the Labor and Delivery triage area by her sister. The client complains of a pounding headache for the last 12 hours unrelieved by acetaminophen (Tylenol), swollen hands and face for 2 days, and epigastric pain described as bad heartburn. Her sister tells the nurse, "I felt like that when I had toxemia during my pregnancy." Admission assessment by the nurse reveals: today's weight 182 pounds, T 99.1°...

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Why I Want To Be A Registered Nurse Essay

They help with labor and delivery, obstetric nurses often act as coaches for the mother in the delivery room. After a baby is born, an obstetric nurse will often find herself or himself splitting their time between the newborn and their mother. They may sometimes clean, weigh, measure, vaccinate and monitor the infant as well as assist the new mother as she recovers from labor. Obstetric nurses usually work in maternity wards in hospitals as well as private obstetric and gynecology practices typically...

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Maternal Mortality in Ghana

pregnancy, delivery or postpartum period. An indirect obstetric death which is due to existing medical conditions that are made worse by pregnancy or delivery. In Ghana, most cases of maternal mortality are recorded in the rural areas. There are five major medical causes of direct obstetric death; hemorrhage (28%), complication of unsafe abortion (19%), pregnancy induced hypertension (17%), infection (11%) and obstructed labor (11%). Direct obstetric deaths accounts for about 25% of all deaths in developing...

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Human Growth and Development

component of the human pregnancy and studied each one extensively; this inspired me greatly to go into the Obstetrics and Gynecology field. I learned the functions and the purposes the complex body withholds; without it the world would be nothing. The research and study of the human body will always be a significant interest that captures my attention; the medical field is my final destination. Obstetrics and Gynecology play a crucial role in determining what the next generation will hold, and, because...

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Chapter 1 Research

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF UNANG YAKAP PROGRAM AMONG POST PARTUM MOTHERS ADMITTED IN OBSTETRIC WARD IN AFPMC A Study proposal Presented to the AFP Medical Service School In Partial Fulfilment of The Requirements for the Nurse Corps Specialty Training Course (Obstetric Nursing) By 1LT LYANN G ESCLARES 0-141496 NC 2014 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Pregnancy is one of the most risky events in a woman’s life. During the ancient times, delivery...

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The Pros And Cons Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists

In 2010, obstetricians and gynecologists paid from 85,000 to 200,000 in their insurance to prevent these lawsuits to manage a hold of their life. In fact, “18.1% decreased the number of high-risk obstetric patients, 8.4% decreased the number of total deliveries, and 5.0% stopped practicing obstetrics altogether” (Klagholz, Strunk, 2012). Possible Solutions However, with the statewide liability cap, obstetricians and gynecologists can practice their...

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Social Issues Raised by New Reproductive Technologies

strength to cope with labour and birth, not being able to breathe and/or push during the actual birth process and feeling powerless. * Saisto and Halmesmaki (2003), for example, found the most common reason for fear was lack of trust in the obstetric staff (73%). Other studies have identified. * The construction of childbirth as ‘uncontrollable’, ‘unknown’, or ‘threatening’ (Wijma, Wijma, & Zar,1998) provides an intervention point for medical professionals and medical technology that...

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Summary: A Midwife's Tale

stethoscope, watches with second hands, clinical thermometer, and the technique of percussion; so doctors and midwives mainly relied upon drugs, amputating surgical tools, and English remedies. Only later in the 1830s and beyond would new scientific obstetrics be developed and used in the community. The majority of medical treatments in Colonial America were also handled by midwives instead of male doctors. The only times male doctors provided medical treatments to patients were if it was a serious illness...

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INTRODUCTION: Partograph is a Greek word which means “Labour Curve”. Partograph or Partogram is a simple, Inexpensive tool which gives continuous pictorial overview of labour. It is the easy way to detect prolonged labour. The common obstetric Emergencies are obstructed labour and prolonged labour. Obstructed labour means no progress in descending parts inspite of good uterine contractions and the appropriate management would be the Caesarean section. In Prolonged labour the Cervix dilates...

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