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Welcome to Assessment in Restaurant Management course. This section will give you the overview of the course which covers: (a) course synopsis; (b) course learning outcomes; (c) course topics; (d) course assessment; (e) references; and (e) course assignment. COURSE SYNOPSIS The Restaurant Management course introduces the learners to the process on opening a restaurant and exposes them to the opportunity for tremendous creative expression in the restaurant. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES On the successful completion of the course, you will be able to: (a) Describe the various kinds and characteristics of restaurants and concept. (b) Justify the relationship between concept and market, and explain the restaurant knockout criteria. (c) Identify the different types of customers and define the characteristics of customers. (d) Develop a marketing plan and business plan and discuss the importance of the four P‟s of the marketing plan. (e) Differentiate the role of promotion and advertisement and understand their categories. (f) Construct the menu planning and price and identifies on the layout and design a restaurant menu. (g) Describe the service gap and problem in the restaurant. (h) Explain the usage of physical facility for front and back of the restaurant. (i) Explain the process in purchasing, and establish restaurant foodservice policies and procedures in how to take guest food and beverage orders. (j) Describe the kitchen equipment selection, maintenance and energy needed for the restaurant. (k) Discuss the various types of food poisoning and how to prevent them, and develop and maintain a food protection system. (l) Explain the differences of ownership structure for restaurant. COURSE TOPICS Topic 1 2 3 4 5 6 Contents Introduction to Restaurant Management: The foodservice industry; industry trends; common denominators; overview of restaurant chains; basic functional areas; restaurant concepts; and location selection criteria. Understanding the Customer:

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