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A group of students that is taking up Hotel and Restaurant Administration,Jerome Bawar, Maria Jemmhel Bayongan, Jolina Gail Guerra, Eun Kyoung Kang and Earl Cedric Lopez. Would like to know how an establishment ( Yellow Cab) runs a business. To know their control practices and measures and their food flow. Having a limited knowledge about the happenings inside the establishment ,it is a right time for them to fully understand the works and responsibilities inside a food service establishment.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is a chain that retails fast food, primarily pizza. Founded in 2001, the chain operates in the Philippines, the United States, Guam, Malaysia and Qatar.

In 1908, Albert Rockwell, (founder and General Manager of the New Departure Manufacturing Co. of Bristol, Connecticut) traveled to Europe to evaluate their taxi systems, hoping to develop a similar one in Washington, D.C. 'Wyckoff, Church and Partridge' had a number of orange-yellow colored Rockwell taxicabs operating on Manhattan streets in 1909. By March 1910, the Connecticut Cab Co. (essentially the directors of New Departure Manufacturing Co.) assumed operating control of Wyckoff, Church and Partridge's taxis.
The 'Yellow Taxicab Co.' was incorporated in New York on April 4, 1912. Its fares that year started at 50¢/mile (equivalent to $11.44 in 2011 adjusted for inflation). Among its directors and major stockholders were Albert F. Rockwell and the Connecticut Cab Co Shortly after incorporation the Yellow Taxicab Co. merged with the Cab and Taxi Co., and with the strength of Connecticut Cab with whom its name was interchangeably used, the young business assumed a large share of the New York market. Its independent corporate life was fairly short, however, as fare wars and restrictions forced a merger with the Mason-Seaman Transportation Co. on March 3, 1914.
The Yellow Cab Company of Chicago (not to be confused the Yellow Taxicab Co.)

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