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Fast Casual Restaurant

Healthy Restaurant Business Plan “Good eating Good looking” Free Healthy Foods Restaurant Business Plan:  Executive Summary * This is a business plan for a a fast-casual restaurant, serving fast, fresh, healthy grilled meats and vegetables. Business Plan Mission Statement: * Good eating Good looking will offer a trendy, fun place to have great, healthy food, vitamins shackes in a social environment. Our Chef has a large repertoire of healthy ingredients and recipes. Good eating...

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Max's Restaurant Research Paper

1. FRANCHISENAME: Aguillon Ventures, Inc., 2. BRAND AND TRADEMARK: Max’s Restaurant 3. BUSINESS CONCEPT: Max's Restaurant is a Philippine-based restaurant serving fried chicken and Filipino dishes. What started out as a small café in the Philippines has successfully transitioned into a proud Filipino tradition that is also making waves in the global front as an international brand. Today, “the house that fried chicken built” has expanded to 123 local and 10 international branches. Max’s is more...

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restaurant management

providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the guests or customers of an organization” is known as hospitality. Hospitality Industry: The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. Relation b/w Hospitality & Tourism industry: The hospitality industry is the supplier of the services for tourism. Food Service...

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Panera Bread

Introduction If you analyzed the restaurant industry using Porter's five forces model, you wouldn't be favorably impressed. Three of the threats to profitability—the threat of substitutes, the threat of new entrants, and rivalry among existing firms—are high. Despite these threats to industry profitability, one restaurant chain is moving forward in a very positive direction. St. Louis–based Panera Bread Company, a chain of specialty bakery-cafés, has grown from 602 company owned and franchised...

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Panera Bread Case Study

Louis. The Panera business plan had worked well and management concluded it had broad market appeal and could be rolled out nationwide. The management team quickly realized the potential of Panera Bread to flourish into one of the leading fast-casual restaurant chains in the nation. With this realization came the need for a more focused management team and greater financial resources. It was not in their best interest to continue with both Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread. In 1998, they went exclusively...

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the food industry were facing threats to industry profitability. Despite these threats, one restaurant chain is moving forward in a very positive direction. Panera Bread, a chain of specialty bakery-cafes that has grown from 602 company-owned and franchised units in 2003 to 1,450 today. In 2010 and 2009 combines sales jumped to 10.1 percent. These numbers reflected a strong performance for a restaurant chain, particularly during a difficult economic period. Panera Bread’s company flourished while...

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F 2014 McDonalds 2

'Millennial' Challenge by: Julie Jargon Aug 25, 2014 TOPICS: Change; Competitive Positioning SUMMARY: McDonald's is losing its luster with younger consumers. Customers in their 20s and 30s are defecting to competitors, in particular so-called fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle Mexican Grill and gourmet-burger chain Five Guys. Younger diners are seeking out fresher, healthier food and chains that offer customizable menu options for little more than the price of a combo meal. TERM PAPER APPLICATION: In...

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Panera Bread

Weng Date of Submission 8th March 2013 Student’s Name ID Number 1. Chan Shi Yoon 11WBD04413 Q1. How has Panera Bread established a unique position in the restaurant industry? How has this unique position contributed to the firm’s success? Do you think Panera Bread will reach its goal of becoming a leading national brand in the restaurant industry? Why or why not? A unique positioning meaning that you are able to prove that your product is truly special compare to others. Besides, a goal is an...

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possible going up the ladder. They believe and proved that when they promote, the manager will take Chipotle as an owned company and the rate of absenteeism is lower than when they hire managers from outside the company. Although consider a fast-casual restaurant, due to innovations that the creator, Steve Ells put together, I will also suggest to be inside the technological segment. The reasons for this is that he put together the traditional “back-of-the-house kitchen”, so at the same time he was...

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Zoes Kitchen

Zoës Kitchen began in 1995 as a family-run restaurant in Homewood, Alabama. The company’s owner, president & CEO, John Cassismus had turned his attention from his own business ventures to the family business, with desires to build a world-class company. Mostly frequented by mothers with small children and white-collar employees in the area, the restaurant catered to those consumers with a desire for healthy foods at comparatively lower prices. As of December 2005 there were 16 locations in five different...

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