1. Discuss the unique selling point of the Acorn House Restaurant

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LECTURER: Miss Juliana Anak Langat

Name: Tam Tsae Hong
Matrix number: BB11110595

1. Discuss the unique selling point of the Acorn House Restaurant. The unique selling point of the Acorn House Restaurant (AHR) is this is an ecofriendly restaurant. The earth pollution is beginning increasing then Acorn House is an exciting new restaurant venture that can save our earth and aims to be 'carbon neutral'. AHR team has gone to great lengths to ensure each decision has a minimum impact on the environment. Nowadays people also have improve their environmental awareness, the ecofriendly became the unique selling point of Acorn House Restaurant. For example, AHR had always recycled, tried to conserve energy in their own homes, organic materials and use ethical product. AHR will purchase organic food and all vegetables from sustainable farmers, they will avoid industrial faming and they also will identify the meat suppliers that use positive animal husbandry. AHR are preferred to import their material, cutlery and so on by boat rather than plane because boat can save on excess of transportation. Besides that, customers also can discover the ecofriendly concept from the restaurant design, furniture, and cutlery and so on. The furniture such as tables is made from sustainable Norwegian wood and the chair tops are recycled plastic, whilst the chair legs are 80% recycled stainless steel. In addition, the take-away packaging is from recycled materials and fully biodegradable, the kitchen pass is made from recycled resin plastic, glasses are from recycled glass and even the wall paint is organic to ensure minimum impact on the environment and the menus are printed on re-cycled paper using vegetable ink. AHR are the restaurants that use all the fresh produce are sustainable and locally sourced and seasonality menu, it is because their dish is need to dependent on fresh produce available. AHR also was reducing wastage as much as possible therefore AHR put the choice back to consumer by allowing them certain control on portion quantity. Lastly, Belu is supplied the bottled water at AHR which make bottles from biodegradable corn and gives all of its profits to clean-water projects.

2. Perform a cost-benefit analysis for each of the key areas of the AHR.

-Make sure maximize energy efficiency( because they have tried to conserve energy in their own homes) -environmental awareness ( thought looking the design of restaurants will get the concept)
-high cost in renovation about the ecofriendly concept( it is because now less restaurant doing this concept) -restaurant design is hard ( because it need straight forward bring the consumer to understanding AHR concept) Equipment, furniture and fixture

-furniture are made from sustainable material but it is recycled material - all of the equipment, furniture and fixture can minimum impact on the environment such as take-away packaging is from recycled materials and fully biodegradable -price of recycled material are more cheaper

- The cost of material that can fully biodegradable are more expensive -High risk in boat transportation because it will take lengthy time to delivery and sea conditions is hard to estimate. - The cost to custom make the furniture is high

-each dish is depended on fresh produce available
-customers can make their choice in controlling the portion of quantity - hard to adjust the portion of food because let customers choice - organic food are expensive than industrial faming food
-menu are keep changing because of depended on the fresh produce available Use of suppliers
-All food is organic and all vegetables are purchased from sustainable farmers -buy from local small independent suppliers (the food are more fresh) -risk of lacking stock since AHR is avoids buying with those industrial farming -the preparation...
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