recruitment and selection

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Job interview Pages: 6 (1099 words) Published: September 30, 2013

Cluster : Core Spln-HRM
Credit Hours : 2
Subject Code : 23HERS
Faculty : Ms. Sreelatha


This course provides students with an in-depth coverage of the recruiting and staffing function within organizations. Topics that will be particularly emphasized include: equal employment opportunity and other laws relating to staffing, the techniques used in recruitment and selection, validation, and utility analysis. The course is designed for future and practicing human resource professionals, as well as employees and managers. It covers the staffing activities practiced in all types of organizations, and is taught using a combination of lectures, discussion, and experiential exercises/applications. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the projects and applications.

Job Analysis. Meaning, definition and purpose. Methods of job analysis: job analysis interviews, job analysis questionnaire, task analysis inventory, position analysis questionnaire, subject expert workshops, critical incident technique, functional job analysis, job element method, repertory grid, critical incident technique.

Hiring Process: Hiring decision. Nature of hiring: regular, temporary, full time, part time, apprentice, contractual, and outsourcing. Existing post or new post to be created. Need analysis, cost analysis and job analysis. Hiring internally. Meaning and definition of internal recruitment. Sources of internal recruitment: - circulars, intranet advertisements, employee referrals. External Hiring. Meaning and definition of external recruitment. Sources of recruitment- Job advertisement: drafting, size and contents. Contents of public sector recruitment: single or multiple sources and choosing the best source.

Screening the candidates: Application Forms: bio-data / resume /curriculum vitae and weighted application blanks: meaning definition, purpose, advantages and disadvantages – taking a behavioral approach to recruitment: spotting personality patterns, making basic assumptions, predicting the future, strategy Vs. Technique. Pinning down what is needed: targeted interviewing,– Identifying the ingredients of success: the winning candidate’s profile, challenges in the interview, the starting point, day to day execution, dealing with people, the inner person, additional characteristics. Studying the CV. Testing. Meaning, definition, purpose, advantages and disadvantages. Ability tests clerical ability test, mechanical ability test, mental ability test, physical ability test, personality assessment test, typing test, shorthand test, computer proficiency test Interviewing: Planning the interview, Interview process.

Reference checking & Appointment orders: meaning, definition and purpose. Verification of character, criminal antecedents, previous work behavior and education qualifications. Verification of community certificates in public sector companies -Meaning, definition, and purpose. Statutory requirements (under the Shops and commercial establishments Act). Contents of appointment letter, hard copy (or soft copy), method of delivery and retrieving the acknowledgement copy. Medical Examination & acceptance of offer for joining.

Staffing System Management-Retention Management-Retention Strategies.

Basic Texts:

1.Staffing Organization, Herbert G. Heneman III, Timothy A. Judge, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill International

Suggested Readings:

1. Employee Selection, Lilly M Berry, Thomson Publications
2. Human Resource Planning, Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya, 2nd
edition, Excel Books.

Web Resource: visit


FACULTY NAME : Ms. Sreelatha

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Course Objectives: This course will help the students to
This course provides...
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