Week 2 Hcs

Topics: Job description, Recruitment, Employment Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: March 4, 2013
In Week 2 the discussion was about employee relations. To identify recruitment and selection strategies and methods as part of the workforce. Understanding and differentiate between job analysis, job description, and job specification. Discussing about the process an organization uses to ensure that it has the right amount and the right kinds of people to deliver a certain level of output or services in the future. Learning of the forecasting techniques which are quantitative and qualitative, a variety of mathematically techniques has been developed to estimate labor demand and supply. Also, ensuring that the HR department has accurate job descriptions for advertised openings is helpful in ensuring that the right applicants are recruited. This reduces the need for sorting through applicants that are not qualified to perform the job duties advertised which can result in time lost, thus making the recruiter more productive in selecting qualified applicants to interview for openings. In addition to have accurate job descriptions for new recruits and new job openings, having existing positions with up to date job descriptions ensures that the existing employees are aware of job functions and aware of any new job duties that may be assigned. Business operations are constantly evolving and as a result of that, job functions may also change. It is the responsibility of the HR department to keep these job descriptions updated and implement trainings as needed. In Week 3 for our team assignment on recruitment matrix, we will each speak about different recruitment method, external or internal, and appropriateness for healthcare. It is important to follow steps in effective staffing carefully managing the recruitment, selection, and socialization is important in finding the right candidates. In addition to the above, included on the matrix will be job descriptions, job analysis, and job specification definitions. These definitions are important to assist in effective...
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