Recruiting Methods

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Critical Thinking Assignment 2
Recruiting Methods
Scott Olney
Central Michigan University
MGT 320

The purpose of this memo is to describe the recruiting methods that will be used to fill the positions of a rapidly growing Build-it-Yourself store. These positions will need to be filled within 30-90 days. There is no restriction on the recruiting budget. The methods that will be discussed are using social media, job fairs, colleges and universities, professional journals, referrals, and job boards. There will be an explanation after each position stating the reason why I chose to recruit that way. In the conclusion of the memo I state one of the obstacles that will need to be dealt with and a possible solution for that issue. The obstacle that will be addressed is the interview process. The positions available are scattered throughout the United States. The question that needs to be answered is “what is the most effective way to interview for these positions with the short amount of time that we have?”

To: Vice President of Human Resources
From: Recruiting Manager
Date: February 1, 2014
Subject: Recruiting Methods
Mr. Vice President of Human Resources,
I am sending this memo to explain the recruiting methods that I will be using to fill the positions that are becoming available with the new stores that are opening. We have 12 General Manager Positions available in various locations throughout the United States. General Managers oversees all operations at the store level including reviewing financial statements, sales and activity reports. The general manager will also oversee approximately 350 full and part time employees. This being said we are going to need individuals who are organized, responsible, and have good communication skill. Since these positions are in a variety of locations throughout the United States I...
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