Hrm 590 Recruitment Plan

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Mary-Claire Jennings


1. Online Recruiting: I plan to recruit online to attract a wide base of applicants, to be cost effective and be able to receive applications and resumes in a timely manner of minutes rather than days. I will be using the following commercial sites,, and I plan to advertise this job for 30 days to allow enough qualified applicants to apply for the position since it is an administrative HR receptionist job. 2. Corporate Website: Posting vacancies on the corporate website will make the process of finding candidates and new business opportunities quicker, cheaper, and more efficient. It will also provide useful information about the organization, as well as the mechanism to apply for the job, track, and manage candidate application. I will post this job opening for 30 days since it is an Administrative HR position that has more requirements than a lower level job, to increase the candidate pool of applicants. 3. Current employees – I will ask department heads to identify employees who will be a good fit for the HR receptionist position based on KSA to fill the position, with the desired qualifications and experience needed. This method of recruitment will save the organization from searching, spending time Onboarding and mentoring employees as the employee will already have some basic knowledge of the organization’s culture and values.

Selection Methods.
I will use three methods to select an applicant for the HR receptionist position.
1.Application forms: I will use applications forms to collect written information about the applicant's education, work and non-work experiences, both past and present, names and addresses of references,. In addition, the application form also serves as a guide for me to use to conduct the employment interview.
2. Interview: I will use the employment interview to exchange information between

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