Recruiting and Staffing Proposal

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September 28, 2014
To: CEO, Human Solutions Software, Inc. (HSS)
Re: Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

In follow up to your request, I drafted a recruitment and selection proposal for your review. The proposed methods for the senior level positions will streamline our processes and align them to the organization's business strategy. My proposal includes:

Three recruitment methods.
Three selection methods.
A cost/benefit analysis and comparison of the approaches.
Metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the ongoing recruitment and selection. Recommendations.
As part of our recruitment and selection strategy, it is very important to assess the candidate's true interest in our organization and their position within the organization. A bad hiring decision at the senior level can have extensive implications that could impact the direction, strategy and operations of the company causing a negative impact to the company’s bottom line. After you review the proposal, please contact me to coordinate a follow-up discussion.

Thank you,

HR Director

Cost/benefit analysis
The purpose of this cost-benefit analysis is to determine which recruitment and selection methods are the best options for HSS to perform for senior level positions. Overview
The following is a brief overview of the methods analyzed in this document. Recruitment Methods
Internal Recruitment - This is accomplished by choosing among current employees to fill a position that falls vacant over time. It can be achieved by a promotion or a lateral move. Executive Search Firm - This is executed by hiring a recruiting company to research viable candidates working for competitors or related businesses. Social Media - This is executed by coordinating candidate sourcing through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Selection Methods

Assessment Centers - A candidate can undergo a series of standardized tests conducted by trained assessors. The exercises may include comprehensive interviews, individual and/or group simulation activities, and work-related performance. A good test would be to ask a potential employee to look at a profit and loss statement and describe how best to increase the sales. The content, instructions, and time allowed must be the same for all candidates. The results would be evaluated by a panel of trained assessors (SHRM). Structured Interviews - Uses a list of predetermined questions. All candidates are asked the same set of situational and/or behavioral questions; however, the follow-up probes may be different. These interviews ensure that similar information will be gathered from all candidates. References - The purpose is to obtain information about the candidate's behavior and work performance from prior employers that could be critical to our decision. Costs/Benefits

Internal Recruitment
Internal labor cost for a 6 month timeframe: HR Director & HR Generalist @ 30-40 hours (5-6 hours per week) = $2,200-$3,000 Cost effective, supports positive employee morale and retention, candidate is familiar with the business, provides opportunities for promotions and we can access known past performance.

Executive Search Firm
20% - 30% of first year salary
= $20,000 - $30,000
Reduces time of recruitment, broad range of candidates, can bring new talent/ideas and we can gain knowledge, experience and contacts from recruiter.

Social Media
No fees
Low cost publicity, attracts a variety of workers, directs more traffic to our company's website and enhances company branding. Selection
Assessment Center
Up to $2,000 for each candidate
3 candidates = $6,000
More reliable than traditional testing, reduces charges of political favoritism, they can predict short and long term success and does not produce an adverse impact.

Structured Interviews
Internal labor cost for a 6 month timeframe: 5 employees @ 10 hours = $2,100...

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