Hrm 410 Final Project

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Handbook Date: January 2013

OUR DEFINITION OF STRATEGIC STAFFING At Harrington’s Tax World Services, our mission is to prepare your tax return, in detail, using all components of the tax law in order to get the most out of your tax dollar savings, and resources to put together a complete accurate tax return with emphasis on excellent service and integrity. The purpose of this handbook is to direct our managers appropriate staffing selection to maintain continuous success in the process. Our vision has always been centered on client satisfaction and absolute integrity. Our goal is to help the client, with their tax needs and become their permanent resources for preparing taxes. We have confidence here at Harrington’s Tax World Services that every employee working together, we can grow and become forerunners in the Tax industry and extend our territory in New Jersey.
JOB ANALYSIS PROCESS Harrington’s Tax World Services recognizes the importance of using O*NET, task inventory analysis, and observation methods to accurately identify the qualifications that are needed in order to generate a job analysis. The information collected helps to make sure that guidelines of performance are met to ensure that employees are reaching job requirements. In addition, employees must have the capability of completing the task to be considered in doing the job well. The VP of Human resources will be available to aid managers and give specific information pertaining to job duties. These methods help us to comprehend and predict who would be best to effectively fill the position as well as who is doing the job sufficiently.

For this example of the job analysis form these questions are directed to a Seasonal Tax Preparer
Job Title: ____________________________________________
Your Position Title: ___________________________________

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