Project on Shree Cement Ltd.

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Job description Pages: 45 (10292 words) Published: February 12, 2010

I take this opportunity to present my gratitude to all who helped me during the course of the project for their aspiring guidance, invaluably constructive criticism and kind advice throughout the project work. I am sincerely grateful to them for sharing their sincere and revealing views on a number of issues related to the project.

I express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gopal Tripathi for their support & guidance at SHREE CEMENT LTD.

I would also like to thank my project external guide Mr. R. K. Shrivastava and all the people who provided me with the required facilities of working conditions conducive for my project work.


As we are stepping into the 21st century with the era of modernization & globalization, organizations are seeking to bring continuous improvement and required changes in all fields of activities.

One key area is to build a pleasant working environment within the organization and to study the behavior of the employees for the purpose of identifying the scope of improvement in the organizational effectiveness.

The main objective of this project is to get the hands on experience of the office and management and various systems and procedures on effective working.


Table of Contents
S.No. Contents

1. Acknowledgment

2. Preface

3. Company Profile

4. Vision of the company

5. Research Methodology

6. Objective of Recruitment & Selection

7. Importance of Recruitment & Selection

8. Recruitment – The Challenges

9. Sources of Recruitment

10. Recent Trends in Recruitment

11. Recruitment Policy of Shree Cement Ltd.

12. Selection - The Challenges

13. Selection Process at Shree Cement Ltd.

14. Probation And Confirmation

15. Training and Development

16. Conclusions

17. Bibliography



Over the last decade, a significant change in business environment has caused organizations around the world to transform their business model in order to maintain leadership. This change is hyper-competition - a state that renders traditional competitive advantage unsustainable. Rapid product introductions to battle the pressures of commoditization is impacting organizational bottom line faster than ever before.

Shree Cement Ltd. is an energy conscious & environment friendly business organization. Having Nine Directors on its board under the chairmanship of Shri.B.G. Bangur, the policy decisions are taken under the guidance of Shri. H.M. Bangur, Managing Director. Shri. M. K. Singhi, Executive Director of the Company, is looking after all day- to- day affairs. The company is managed by qualified professionals with broad vision who are committed to maintain high standards of quality & leadership to serve the customers to their fullest satisfaction. The board consists of eminent persons with considerable professional expertise in industry and field such as banking, law, marketing & finance.

Shree cement a leading cement manufacturer of North India, has been participating in the infrastructure transformation for India for over two decades. It started operation in 1985 and has been growing over since. Its manufacturing units are located in Beawer, Ras in Rajasthan. It also has grinding unit at Khuskera near Gurgaon. It has 3 brands under its portfolio viz. Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak cement, Bangur Cement and Tuff cement.

Its record of steady profitability and healthy operating...
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