Preparing For An Interview

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Preparing For An Interview

Appearance : Dress smartly in clean/ironed clothes. Depends on type of job/course etc. Try to wear shoes not trainers, trousers not jeans. No offensive logos on T shirts etc. For an office based job a shirt and tie would give the right impression. Go easy on the aftershave/perfume !

Manners/behaviour : Be polite/respectful, e.g Good morning, how do you do? Shake hands. Sit down when invited etc
Obviously no swearing !
This shows you are mature enough to work/study somewhere and have a positive attitude.

Body Language : Should be alert, friendly and open. No slouching etc Again this shows you have the right mature attitude for the workplace.

Voice : Calm, friendly, interested, confident. You need to give the impression that you are confident and mature.

Preparing answers to likely questions : e.g What do you know about this company ? Why do you want to work here ? Do some research, use the internet etc, practice your answers. This proves to the company/college that you are interested in them and serious about your application.

Preparing questions to ask the employer/course tutor :
How many hours a week is this course, how will I be assessed etc ? What type of training will I be given ?
You need to be sure that you would be happy working there or it is the right college/course for you.

Learning relevant technical terms : Diploma, continual assessment, portfolio, automatic, production units etc You may need to understand certain terms for your interview.

The more effort you put in before you go to interview the more confident and relaxed you will be and the more determined to do well.

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