Research Paper on Office Etiquette

Topics: Etiquette, Social graces Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: April 25, 2010
Midterm Research Paper on Office Etiquette
BUSI 472 Organizational Ethics
Dr. Jack Brown, Professor
Bill Williams
Stop University
April 17, 2010
As I get close to graduation, I think more about the skills I've developed here at Liberty University which one of most important skills is respect and consideration for coworkers. Office etiquette fosters leadership, quality of your business and enhances your career. Without proper office etiquette, you risk your image, limit your potential, and jeopardize relationships, which are fundamental to business success. Office etiquette is formally perceived as good manners, business executives have found that office etiquette enhances their success because it differentiates them in an aggressive market. Good office etiquette will allow you to be confident in a variety of situations. Before going any further in the discussion of the importance of office etiquette we should clarify the question. “What exactly is office etiquette?” This question can differ from person to person because of the perception of what office etiquette is. After reading the text I have come to the conclusion that office etiquette is about how to conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in your office. Some things to come up with that people overlook when it comes office etiquette. The first impression is probably the most important, because you are the ambassador of your office. You always should act professionally and honestly, wearing appropriate office attire, and being neat, clean and as conservative as the office requires. The attributes of office etiquette and good manners is to be respected and courteous at all times and everybody, good office etiquette is easily achieved with a little forethought and in practice.
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