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What are ways you avoid asking bias questions during interviews? The company provides a list of appropriate questions that have been approved by the human resources department to help to prevent inappropriate question. To present gender bias among your staff does your company have a diversity program? The company has a diversity program that monitors, the ratio in which employees are hired to help prevent inequality in staff. 3. During the interview process would you say you are driven towards candidates that have personally similarities to you? I generally shy away from candidates that are like because I have a dominate personality that can clash with others. 4. What is your perception on what is considered “acceptable” public appearance? I believe that first impressions are everything, I feel that you should look professional, you should dress for the job you want rather than the one you have. 5. How has social media changed the youth’s perception?

Social media has forced youth to grow up to fast because they are exposed to everything with the click of a button. I also think that youths should better monitor what they post. 6 .Describe how workers self-perception of them positively or negatively affects a work environment? Employee’s self-perception can affect the environment negatively if they have a self-bias that makes them feel, that they are better than their peers. 7. Do you think that gender bias is hindering a woman’s career advancement? I don't think that gender bias still hinders women from employment but from personal experience I will admit that it can be intimating being the only women on the management team at my office. 8. What is your perception of other companies not hiring qualified candidates because of their religious background? I believe that we should be all to exercise religion freely and that those companies should be punished for those practices. 9. What is the perception you want consumers to have about your company?...
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