Employability Interview Skills

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1.1 he type of questions I may be asked may include:
Tell me about yourself?
Why are you interested in the job?
What do you think the job role includes?
What skills do you feel you can bring to the job?
Tell me about your past experiences, have you worked in care before? What difficulties did you come across?
How did you resolve these difficulties?
How flexible are you?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
How do you plan to travel to work?

http://jemchildcaresolutions.co.uk/childcare/wp-content/uploads/10-Interview-Tips-for-Nursery-Practitioners.pdf 1.2 There are various different ways I will prepare myself for the interview. The first thing I will do is to ensure I know the route to get there. I will look for routes that do not involve the motorway or busy roads as I am likely to get stuck in traffic. When I have figured out my route I will look at how long it took me to get there so I know how early to leave on the day. However, on the day I will leave earlier anyway to ensure I arrive early which gives a good impression. I will also find something appropriate to wear. I will make sure that it is not exposing and that it looks professional. For example black trousers and a blouse. I will make sure that I wear minimal make up, am not wearing nail varnish and that my hair is tidy to give a professional look. I will ensure that my body language is good. I will maintain eye contact and sit up straight. Using the questions that may be asked I will bullet point a list of replies that I will say so I am prepared on the day. For example, I will bullet a point a list of my skills or a list of difficult situations I have come across in work. I will also write a list of questions that I could ask, such as what the hours are and whether further training is available.

1.3 During the interview I was very nervous, I quite often found myself looking away when talking to the interviewer due to nerves. To begin with I also was very quiet and made a lot...
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