How to Pull Off a Successful Job Interview

Topics: Interview, Employment, Semi-structured interview Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: May 4, 2013
How to pull off a successful job interview

If you want to pull off a successful job interview, it is necessary that you follow these steps. The first step is preparing. To have a prosperous interview, not only must you prepare your qualifications with a shining CV but also your appearance with a neat but impressive style. As for CV, it’s advisable that the CV be presented on only one page and focus mainly on your strong points and some things that make you different from anyone else. You should consider your CV as your personal hallmark and try your best to make them clear, concise, persuasive and impressive also. In terms of appearance, it’s completely wrong if you look down on it because how you dress can cultivate a great influence on the first impression of the interviewers on you. Therefore, you should dress neatly and elegantly. If you are a woman, it will be a good idea to wear a suit skirt with appropriate length so that you can sit down comfortably. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear too much jewelry or strong make-up. Everything should be moderate. If you are a man, a suit in solid color along with a belt, a matching tie will be the best choice. After preparing completely your appearance as well as your application file, you can get ready and carry out your interview. It’s also time you applied the second step. It is recommended that you come 5 to 10 minutes earlier before the interview takes place. What’s more, you ought to knock at the interview room’s door before coming in regardless whether it’s available or not. It’s basic politeness in communication. During the interview, keeping eye contact with the interviewers is very important. It not only shows your respect for interviewers but expresses your confidence also. More importantly, when being interviewed, you ought to go straight to the topic, please avoid beating around the bush. And always bear in your mind that honesty is the most appreciated quality in any company. To be honest to...
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