What, in Your Opinion, Are the Three Most Important Elements to Proper Communication in a Job Interview?

Topics: Employment, Communication, Interview Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: June 17, 2007
Experience has shown me over the years that appearance, public speaking, and body language, are the three most important elements to proper communication in a job interview. Considering the only job I've held in the past 27 years has been the U.S. Navy, I have not had a need for a job interview, but I have applied or auditioned for key management positions. So in essence I am applying that experience to Module 1's question "What, in your opinion, are the three most important elements to proper communication in a job interview." I've carefully reviewed the various periodicals pertaining to this subject matter and I believe that these communication skills have to be developed, practiced, and added to on a regular basis.

The very first impression received by an employer is your physical make up/appearance. The manner in which you project your personal image in dressing professionally for the type job at hand is a clear indicator of things to come as far as your style, neatness, and professionalism toward projecting the industry for which you are attempting to become a part of. Dressing for the type job you're applying for is key when prepping for the interview. An example of what I mean is, if you are applying for a cashier's job at Kmart, dressing in a two piece suit may not be appropriate, however, if the position is of a managerial or corporate role, a two piece suit would be deemed appropriate.

After the initial employer visualization of its possible employee, the next most important element is your ability to speak clearly so you can positively convey your thoughts and ideas effectively during the interview. Every interview will be different, however, getting to know the business you're seeking to enter into prepares you for success. Get to know the business by formulating questions by visiting the business web site, knowing whose who within the business, visiting the lobby or reading literature on the business. Once that is accomplished, begin...
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