tips for interview

Topics: Recruitment, Application for employment, Cover letter Pages: 1 (190 words) Published: November 11, 2014

register for the event and upload your resume
have a self assessment- think about your skills and values
what job fits my skills
make your linkedin account
cover letter- make an appointment
look at the job posting and make a research about it.
Always answer positively
Make an appointment to practice interview
I am a…. my areas of interest…… I have worked….
Use I have led teams
Say” I have had success with both teams and working alone” KNOW ABOUT THE COMPANY
When people ask what are your weakness then you answer Well an area that I am planning to improve Similarly you can answer as these are things I am doing now to improve it Use STAR Framework
What was your situation?
What was your task?
What action did you take?
What was the result?
Look at the salary surveys on the gecd website
Use a YES AND answer like yes its a god idea and we can include this also Practice speaking on phone on how to open and close then talk about what is the next step of the application.
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