How to Have a Good Scholarship Interview

Topics: Question, Luck, Interview Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: September 26, 2012
As a student, you should have several times applying for a scholarship. After having met all the requirements with difficulties, you might be asked to take an interview, which is, for most, the toughest mission to complete. These are some helpful tips you should bear in mind to have an auspicious interview. First, remember that preparation is inevitable. A careful one would equip you with full of confidence and relief. Find any necessary information to get a deeper understanding of the scholarship as well as what you are going to say. Am informal opening and closing would be useful in order to emphasize your ultimate ambition. Think of any probable questions and possible cases you might encounter and wisely prepare an appropriate solution for each. One day before the big day, read your application form again as you are more likely to be asked about yourself. On the day the interview takes place, make sure that you either dress smartly, comfortably or get there in good time. Just as you hear your name called, take two or three slow, deep breaths and open the door. Now that you are in the stressful room, keep in mind that the first impression is so crucial that it considerably affects the interviewers’ general view about you. A mild approach, a gentle handshake while looking in their eyes and saying: “Pleased to meet you” is the best way to build up your initial image. At the same times, do not forget to show a friendly and confident smile so as to warm up the atmosphere. Try to stay comfortable in your seat and never fold your arms as it indicate barrier and arrogance. Then, you are about to deal with the hardest part. Instead of making the interview a battle, make it a natural conversation and the interrogators are just some of the friends you first meet. Always listen to the questions carefully and answer in a confident, firm voice. Do not mumble, rush or be too hesitant. The response must be long enough, neither too short nor too long. Remember to remain eye...
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