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George’s T-Shirts By Quantitative Analysis for Managers (MANA 6302 - NI) George Lassiter, a project manager for a defensive contract was also an owner for a successful side business of designing and manufacturing T-Shirts for special events for the past six years. He sold the T-Shirts to his vendors for $100 a dozen, while they sold them for $10 each making a profit of $1.67 on each shirt. This report is surrounded by a problem faced by George about decisions concerned about the appropriate...

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George S T Shirts Case Analysis

Case Background George Lassiter makes t-shirts for special events such as concerts. The upcoming concert presents another opportunity for George to make and sell t-shirts; however the question is how many t-shirts to produce. There are two fundamental case questions that must be answered: 1. What are the possible financial outcomes if Lassiter orders 5,000 T-shirts? 7,500? 10,000? As shown in the Exhibit, a rather simple but detailed decision tree has been made which represents the various options...

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Om Case Analysis Executive Shirt Company

points) | Current ProcessRegular Shirts | Mike’s PlanRegular & Custom Shirts | Ike’s PlanRegularShirts | Ike’s PlanCustom Shirts | Actual Cycle Time (min/shirt) | 0.5 | 0.5 | 0.67 | 3.9 | Manufacturing Lead Time (days) | 0.815 | 0.052 | 1.056 | 0.058 | WIP inventory (shirts) | 11760 | 1980 | 9060 | 48 | Production Capacity (shirts/day) | 960 | 960 | 720 | 123.07 | Capacity Utilization | 83.33 | 93.75 | 111.11 | 81.25 | Direct Labour Content (min/shirt) | 26.51 | 26.45 | 26.51 | 26.01...

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Executive Shirts

Executive Shirts Company Case Solution and Case Study Operations : Executive Shirts Company Assignment and Case Solution Show details of calculations and answers todescriptive questions on pages 2 to 8 of this handout. Also, please fill in numericalanswers for the questions in the table below. Question | Answer | (A)  Regular Shirts | | Theoretical CT for Cutting Operation with L of 60 |   0.25 minutes | Theoretical CT for Cutting Operation with L of 10 |   0.56 minutes | Labor Content...

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Swot: Shirt and Custom T-shirt Company

Business Plan | Custom Printed T-Shirts | University of Phoenix Online-BUS/210-Professor Baker | Cynthia Bryant/Student | 7/8/2012 | | Introduction The S.W.O.T Business Analysis Company I am writing about is a Custom T-Shirt company named Your T-Shirt. The reason this business was interesting to me was...

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Julio T-Shirt Design

George J Machange BUS METHODS Dr. Ramdas Case Study 2 : T-shirt Design I’m left with one semester of my MBA program and I am looking to paying back some hefty students loans. Even though I had to borrow money to complete the program, I thought it was a worthwhile investment. Nonetheless, I would like to repay some of my loans before graduating, if at all possible. I had recently taken entrepreneurial and small business classes and decided to put some of my knowledge to work. I suspect that a...

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Marketing Plan of Pms Shirt

* Nazal. Jerica * Sioco, John Kenneth I. INTRODUCTION What is interesting in this statement t-shirts? You will feel comfortable to wear it and can be paired with jeans as well. It also shows our personality in putting message on the shirt. We come up this product for fun, why again? It is because we can share our different ideas, design and to express our emotions. This shirt provides as a useful thing to us. As we all know clothes is a very important need of a person, this will serves...

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Executive Shirt Company

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT-1 EXECUTIVE SHIRT COMPANY Group Members: Introduction The executive shirt company is a well known brand in apparel industry having varieties of high quality standard size readymade shirts which were competitively priced also. Foreseeing the tremendous opportunity in custom shirt market, the general manager Mr. Dwight Collier decides to venture in to this new product segment. As the existing custom sized dress shirt market commanded a substantial high price of 75% more...

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Executive Shirt Company

Memo To: Mr. Dwight Collier, General Manager – Executive Shirt Company, Inc. From: CC: Date: September 10, 2013 Re: Custom Shirt Production Planning Introduction Mr. Collier, per your request, I have analyzed Executive Shirt Company’s current production process in addition to evaluating both Mike and Ike’s recommended processes for custom shirt production. Elements considered during this analysis included: Process types, cycle time for the processes, process efficiencies, and costs. ...

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George T-shirt

manufactures and designs special events T-shirts. He has owned this lucrative T-shirt business for six years and designed T-shirts for “special events” such as rock concerts, major sporting events, and special fund-raising events, provided cleverly designed, well-produced, and reasonably priced products. His product was not endorsed by event sponsors. He sold the shirts to his regular crew of vendors for $100 per dozen, and these vendors sold the public for $10 per shirt. Apart from this he was distributing...

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